May 6th, 2022 Video Resource nodes & Power Slugs

May 6th, 2022 Video

Resource nodes & Power Slugs

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that even though we're making big changes to the spire coast in this update it won't be completely finished most of the environmental changes will be made in time for update six we also plan to improve some of the gameplay elements in future updates specifically we want to add more resource nodes to that area the spire coast currently only hosts oil nodes but we want to include a more diverse set of different nodes in there so you can better set up shop in that region but we won't be able to see that in update 6 so that will come later down the line there also won't be any power slugs coming in that region yet however, what you can expect to see are a couple of crash sites I know a lot of people have requested ways to manage their crash sites once you've looted them and we have plans to sort of improve on that but we're not sure if that will make it in for this update or not so yeah essentially the bio won't be completely finished in update six but we intend to do as much as we can and then keep improving on it in future patches however I thought we'd take a look at