May 4th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can we use beds to sleep overnight?

May 4th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can we use beds to sleep overnight?

This question may have been asked previously at least 6 other times, as recently as March 2021 and as early as August 2020.
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can we use beds to sleep overnight um so this is something that i've talked to mark as well about uh no is the answer to that question for a few reasons uh the biggest reason is because it doesn't make any sense for our game which is like it has like idle mechanics to it you know where your factory lines will produce stuff overnight so if you were able to like sleep over the night then you just like be speeding up time since the nights are so short currently in the game you don't really gain much from doing that


and it doesn't like a lot of people would always point this out in like as a solution to like why the nights are so dark but the problem isn't that like you need to sleep to get through the nights the problem is that the nights are too dark like we need to fix the lighting in the game and this is something that we're gonna do in fact this is something that we're working on soon ish i think um yeah because we broke the lighting in in update four because we updated the engine version so that's something that we're working on fairly soon i think um so we don't like that idea of beings of sleep through the night um and some people like yeah but it could just be cosmetic and sleep tonight but it's also we find that weird um so that's why we won't do that we'll do something with the beds i think because it feels kind of weird that we have like an empty hub and you can't really do anything in there um but it's not gonna be that you're gonna be able to like sleep through the night and now we have lights yeah exactly so what's the problem sleepers of the week no sleep is for a weekend