March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary Snutt & Jace Talk: The real-life Lizard Doggo

March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary

Snutt & Jace Talk: The real-life Lizard Doggo



hover in midair not the fastest way to get around but definitely the best option for pioneers looking to get a good overview of their production lines and to build from a higher advantage oh jace look can i just say that this wait if if i remember correctly let me is this one shot snoot or is this spliced so this shot is a [ __ ] novel yeah this shot is three different shots in one shot i can if you jump over to my thing now yeah so uh this shot is um we we knew we needed to make this shot with the lizard doggo and what not the problem we faced when we were making this vfx shot was that um when the camera shifts focus it [ __ ] up like everything it makes it super hard to comp it and like you know matching the focus pulling with the vfx is really difficult so one the the thing here we needed to film me revealing the lizard doggo in focus but the problem then is if jace is standing close to the camera then he won't be in focus so we had to film this twice this scene um so the way we filmed it originally was that we first like rehearsed it and then we filmed it together when we were both in the same shot and then we did a reveal and then we filmed it separately so like you're you're standing alone talking blah blah and then i'm in the background doing something but it ended up being that i felt like the shot where i'm like reacting to the lizard doggo that was one of the rehearsed one i was like i i really like this one because i'm like slanting on my like i'm fiddling on the words and [ __ ] yeah yeah i know i i actually really love that yeah um i'll play it for people so that they can hear yeah yeah so you'll hear like delivery isn't clear but it's genuine okay so i'll just transition back to the video for a second view of their production lines and to build from a higher vantage point oh jace look it's a real life lizard doggo you know what i mean like it's it's not it's not like super crisp or clear delivery yeah but it's super genuine yeah i'm like losing yeah i love that [ __ ] for me when i'm editing these types of videos where like where it's a comedic video i i really love that when you're breaking the fourth wall where it's like you you can tell that like oh i've or like when i when we make shots where we [ __ ] up the lines or like when we there's a later part we're like is that right and we'll look at the script and [ __ ] i love that [ __ ] because it really like puts an emphasis on the fact that like we know this is filmed and we're not like actors actors you know like we know this is a youtube video right so so this shot is completely in focus with me in the background all the time so here's here's the comp comp one wait wait wait pulling of a string on the box did that happen uh no but i'll we'll get to that okay this shot is a [ __ ] novel okay okay go ahead so we filmed me reacting to it here in the background i don't know if you're capturing audio from me uh no yeah so it doesn't matter so so that's that's the original shot of me right and then you have jace let's see yeah so actually there might have been audio let me know in chat if there was audio there might have been audio i can't hear it but maybe they can um let's see here which shot is of you i think i need to enable my problem sex sex monster i'm not sex monster just the ones can we talk about the fact that some dude just pops up here in this in the outside of the frame here um so that's venus like pushing he's pushing the box shout out to letus lena's in i don't know if this hold up hold up i'm going to zoom in on him ah it's just a freeze right whatever but uh linus is like pushing the box to make it like move when the lizard dogger like walks out it's like tiny tiny effect but it's it's noticeable um and so i had to comp that out from that shot as well um you can see like lena's like pushing the box it's amazing