November 16th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: DirectX 12 will now be the default rendering API

November 16th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: DirectX 12 will now be the default rendering API

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anyway, yeah that's I think that's state of death is there anything I forgot jase I don't oh yeah there is actually, okay there's a patch coming I don't know if it's today I don't know if it's tomorrow I'm not sure when but next next patch, we're gonna be this is this is a little this is a little dicey all right a little dicey you guys, we're going to be setting it so that directx 12 will now become the default rendering, api, for those who have hardware that support it for those who if your your pc doesn't support, dx12 then we will keep it on dx11 but we're at a point where when we look at like what what issues are coming in and what crashes are coming in with respect to the rendering apis we actually find that directx 12 is at least from the sample of people that we have it's actually more stable than directx 11. and maybe there's some bias here or there but we do think we're at a at a point where it's probably safe to, just set that to be the, instead of directx 11. so instead of it being 11 it's going to be 12, and we'll sort of see so it's possible that when we do this that everything just breaks and it's a complete shitstorm and if that happens then we're just going to roll it back yeah okay but we do think that it's like like there's no way for us to really tell, unless we try so we're just gonna try and if yeah if it sucks then we'll roll it back but for the most part if this does work out in general people just end up, with a better experience on dx12 and 11 things run a little better, and, yeah so we think that's going to be pretty big if it works out and it's sort of the same thing same deal here if when you know when it comes under early access maybe people of a more varied type of like you know hardware starts playing the game same thing there if if the majority of people having issues with directx 12 we're going to roll back to their same thing there so we're really going to try it out and and see how it goes you know but, look at us we started from the bottom and now we're here and folks are asking about vulcan the option for vulcan will still be there yep it's it's all good yeah I mean I don't know if we're going to be setting vulcan to the default but no problem the option is there you use it if you want it yeah walking is still, kind of sketchy, for like I think performance from vulcan overall like for some people it's better for some people it's way worse, okay well we'll see we'll see how it goes this might also get better as time goes on with development on the game and epic working on the the support for those, apis so, we'll see we'll see cool anything else I forgot that's all I've got cool that's all I've also got you're a sketchy performance on aim you know ikea will instantly I can hear high school js going like cool po noobs no no actually actually I don't I don't remember actually saying that but I absolutely typed it in runescape nice