March 2nd, 2021 Livestream State of Stream: Still haven't finished DrawingXaos' Maze yet

March 2nd, 2021 Livestream

State of Stream: Still haven't finished DrawingXaos' Maze yet

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and, yeah the stream is gonna be pretty similar to last week's stream if you were here last week we're going to be doing we've done state of dev I mean there's not much more to add and then we're gonna do community highlights that's what you usually do every week and then we're gonna finish it off with a q a and we've been running, drawing chaos as mace during our q a session the last couple of weeks so I started off la, two weeks ago with the first like half ish of the mace and then jace did the other half and now we're gonna we're gonna keep doing it and hopefully reach the end of the maze and, see what what good fortune awaits us at the end of it yep I'm wondering if it's going to be a hot babe at the end of the maze right just like a jump king I don't know if you guys have played jump king how's my ptsd doing so far I've been looking forward to the mates yo yeah I like it it's really fun I've been looking forward to not doing the maze I really like it I felt like I was going insane last time we did it I hope I hope I hope I can get to the end today jojo at the end of the maze confirmed very good, and we've we have timed it so we're currently on the two hour seven minute mark I believe or maybe eleven minutes all right like that all right, so let's see I've I've heard very different results from people some say like I finished in 45 minutes I've also heard six hours, better take six hours two hours seven minutes right yep so that was the one, but I've also heard from reputable sources that, we're like two-thirds through it or something like that so, there's still there's still a possibility bit says we have 52 minutes to beat my time all right we're gonna do that 100- I have confidence in chase I think we can do it three to four hours is a norm that's a it's a pretty juicy maze okay it is very juicy it is very juicy snoot has confidence I'm gonna do even better now yeah I saw someone post on our discord, where they'd run the mace and and finish it and they were like never again oh I'm enjoying it I'm having the time of my life holy but would you do it again though yeah sure although the part you did look like it would suck my part was your part was rough yeah yeah yeah yeah that like glass maze that was a bit it's like you know how like when you're trying to open like a bottle or something and like oh I can't do it and then you give it to someone else and they open it immediately like yeah but I did I did but I like I loosened it up yeah yeah I'm losing it for you that's pretty much what's happening in the maze is that what's happening