December 7th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: December 7th, 2021

December 7th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: December 7th, 2021

00:00 State of Dev: FICS⁕MAS 2021 (Part 1) 00:50 Snutt Talk: Stream schedule over December 04:08 State of Dev: Dedicated Servers now available on Epic 07:21 Snutt Talk: Crossplay & Patching 10:12 State of Dev: Build System 14:33 State of Dev: FICS⁕MAS 2021 (Part 2) 17:40 State of Dev: Priorities for the remainder of the year

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um yeah fixma season is upon us you guys um hard to believe but here we are didn't honestly think we were gonna have time to do like a proper fixmas this year because update five took so much time and effort and like nobody had any time to like think about fixmas um so uh the last couple of days have been honestly last week actually because we we dropped fixmas last week what date is it today what year is it yeah it was last week wednesday cool um we've uh we didn't think we were gonna have time for fixmas this year and we thought we were just gonna do like a re-roll of last year which would have been a little bit of a bummer um but here we are where's jace jace is on vacation so jace is taking his uh like holiday vacation right now and uh when his holiday special is over that i'm taking mine um


so it will good but uh this will be probably the second to last stream that we will do this year because we are going to take a little bit of a break from streaming um for for this year so we will be back again don't worry we won't stop doing these weekly streams but we will take a couple of weeks of break from streaming and a couple of weeks of break from from even doing youtube stuff too


to kind of recoup and uh get our bearings back and then next year we'll be back again um with that juicy updates and whatnot because uh yeah there won't really be much happening for the rain remainder of the year um from coffee stain we will be taking a kind of chill uh so yeah don't worry i'll cover you nice nice bits we'll do the the community uh sorry this will do the dev streams from now on um we won't tell him anything he'll just do the streams just sprinkle like information here in their community and just let people do it um so yeah yeah i know uh we we we will take like a little bit of a break me and jace um and and um jace is already under his underway taking his break uh and then yeah we'll get we'll be back next next year again this is not the final stream though we will have one more next week uh which will be my last week before i go on break um and then uh we would be back again in january sometime not as exactly why is j so blurry because jace didn't set his focus today he is in the corner over here you just can't see him just like so high um wanna hannah do the stream hannah's also on break um as well everyone's on break really most of us do take a holiday break in december and then we come back again in january again who would have thought impossible people people are like used to the whole like working all the time culture like we don't really do that in sweden we we value our our vacation periods like it's not that many weeks of the year honestly like us being away for you know like what is it five or six weeks a year like you guys will manage you guys will manage for sure um so what about tim tim is no longer with us tim is gone unless you're talking about tim the bean because tim the bean is in the game team has not gone into the game that's for sure that's one of them um so yeah how y'all doing it's always like so it always puts me so off when jace isn't on the stream because i feel like we've sort of like getting used to the format when we're both on uh and when it's just me i don't know if jace feels the same way but like when it's just me it kind of like kind of bumps me off rhythm of like how we do these streams um but we'll manage we'll manage hope you're all good good so let's talk a little bit of state of dev um of things that are going on in the world right now today is a very special day because today we uh made we actually do it it was epic i did it but uh dedicated servers are now available on epic games as well um they're just like same thing with steam by the way i think it's hilarious that so many people are like when are you gonna release steam why aren't they out on steam like people legit got upset that we're released on epic games today where like it's out on steam albeit this is the weird thing where the the servers don't show up for everyone on steam we're still like we're kind of like in a shitty situation here because like we've been in touch with valve since the very day we launched dedicated servers about this issue for some people the servers show up for some people it doesn't for some people the even though they own the game it doesn't show up um like it's really strange and the ambition really was that we wanted dedicated servers to be available for everyone um so that like you could just you know go in your tool setting on steam and just like you you'll have them in your library and you can download the service that way um and it's been like sort of almost like that like for some people it works for some people it doesn't it's kind of strange um you would you have always been available you have always been able to get the dedicated service via the steam command which is like a little bit finicky um it's not optimal we're still kind of like hoping that valve will get back to us and with a fix or something like that uh we haven't given up fully on that yet i mean it sure feels hopeless um sometimes but uh yeah we're we're still trying to talk with al about that stuff and trying to solve that uh but in the meantime i guess like it's it's kind of nice that we get the the dedicated stairs out on epic because they for sure are accessible and epic for for everyone um or at least the people that have tested it so far so like if you don't care about what what um launcher you have the dedicated servers on or what launch you access access them on uh they're also now available in the game store and we are the next thing unlike our quote unquote road map when it comes to that is that we also want to have a docker image available on docker hub with the dedicated servers and that's also something that we are uh probably going to look into next i don't know if that's going to happen this year um or not but that's the next thing on our list so don't worry we haven't forgotten about that at all so um let's just the state of things right now uh would cover saying be willing to mirror somewhere until that is fixed uh no epic is our mirror right now um so so if you can't get them on steam through through the regular round and if you don't want to use steam command then epic is probably your best bet for now uh can an epic player play co-op with steam player yes there's there's the there's no difference in like the version of the game at all when you play the dedicated server even the regular game like even if you buy the game on epic and you play like or you buy it on steam it's literally the same build like that we're putting up the the the build kind of detects what version you have installed sort of like or what version you you've bought it with whatever uh but the game itself is the same game like there's no difference in between them the only difference is really like the services that you get through steam or epic um that are you know tied to around the game like with the patching system i know that uh like some people have had some issues with the uh steam's patching system um where it's not working optimally that's unfortunately not really something we can do anything about that's also something that we've no kind of notified valve about and um they're they're they're gonna look into it as well um there's an issue that's been on the steam version of the game since we launched it actually where um sometimes the game doesn't patch it correctly so sometimes people run into like weird glitches and which is kind of annoying because it makes it harder for us to troubleshoot the game and the only way to resolve that is to verify your game files so that's something that we always ask people to do when they have run into issues on the steam version or even on the epic version actually that can happen there too uh but we see it mostly happening on the scene version uh so if you run into issues please make sure to verify your game files uh it was kind of nice to see uh that they launched icarus i believe last week or this week uh it was kind of nice to see that they were running to the same issue like it's not that nice that they ran into the same issue but like it's nice to see that we're not alone with this issue um so yeah verifying your game files really is like the first thing you have to you should do before you even like remotely think about doing anything else uh before you jump on the forums or before you start you know chasing down anything um so yeah super important uh and yeah i've also noticed that sometimes for some people uh or at least i've seen people complain about it that they the when steam downloads patches it will run a verify on your game files which takes a little bit of time but i think it's good if it does that but it doesn't do it for everyone for some reason but it's it's nice that it does that because then it makes sure that you know the patching actually works so yeah cool glad we got that out of the way so yeah tldr we don't work on the patching system that's all valve and epic um if you're on anything shoe if you run into any issues with the patching system you really want to reach out to valve about that stuff so yeah cool um but yeah dedicated servers are available on epic now and super stoked about that uh we've been trying we wanted to release them like essentially on the same day as the steam reserves but we just couldn't make it happen uh a lot of this goes back in in like the way that like it's not really because of you know valve or epic that we can't release everything at the same time sometimes it really has to do with our build system that we're using because making making like putting a build up on on steam or epic is is a lot of work it takes like a full day um to just like from the point where like all right this is the build we want to make it takes like almost a full day to to uh to go from that point where like all right let's make it build a patch today until it actually is up um and it has to do with our build system we have a continuous build system that's running that's automated so we can tell like the build system hey build make this build now and then it makes a steam version as it makes an epic version i know that i said the build is the same for for both versions but it has to make like some special things when we upload the build on the platforms even though it's the same game underneath everything um we still need to make a separate like you know folder and place all the binaries and stuff like that in there so that it works when you deliver it to steam and epic um so our build system does that for us it continuously does it in the back end sometimes but sometimes we need to kind of like make special tweaks to the builds because uh we we sort of the way that it kind of works is we we one of our lead developers like decides kind of what we're putting into the patches and then we do a merge on these specific things um and once we've done that merge that's when we can actually make the build so we have a continuous server that does that and it's building for and now since we have dedicated servers it's an extra step right or it's rather two extra steps so we're building you know for steam an epic uh if we're building experimental version or if we're building the early access version that also affects it a little bit um and then we also build the dedicated servers and then we only need to build a dedicated servers for you know steam and epic so it's like two separate builds there as well so we have four builds now for the same patch and um yeah when we have docker we need to make a separate one as well and no maybe we don't actually i don't quite sure how that works but uh yeah so it's it's it's a huge and then once the build is done then we want to do smoke testing so we we do a bunch of testing on the build make sure that there are no like major issues with it that it doesn't crash on startup um that you know some things work we usually load in a bunch of saves to check like does it run like crap or does anything major happen and for the most part we catch like any major things but sometimes it slips through which you guys have seen sometimes um and yeah once it passes through the smoke test we can which can take like anything from like one hour to a couple of hours depending on like what we're doing with the build uh or like what changes we've made uh then it's ready to be like uploaded which is a separate process and then once it's been uploaded then we need to flip it uh and update like all the things that are tied into the build so like the keyway site needs to be tied to the new uh change list that we added so you know that little number that shows up in the corner like that needs to be updated we need to update all the the posts that we have that ties into like the recent ones when it comes to support tickets and stuff like that and then we have to post about it on socials and like the reddit thread and post the patch notes on discord and reddit and blah blah so it's a huge hassle i don't know why i went on this huge tangent on how the builds go up but just just so you guys know it's a it's it's a it's a hassle to make a patch okay like um if if our if anywhere in the in the build chain something breaks then it just delays everything for a long time to to figure out what what what's causing it so a couple of weeks ago when we had when we pushed a kind of major issue our build system broke down so we couldn't make a patch which was kind of annoying um so that's how it is anyway thanks jace helps a lot patches am i right um so let's talk about fixmas um real quick so so as i mentioned before fixmus is rolled out and it's it's out there uh quick reminder again this year we couldn't finish like fixmas in time for the actual like 1st of december which means that we've been kind of like working on fixmas while fixmas is running which is also kind of kind of scary because then we'd be setting up deadlines on ourselves kind of where like if we don't finish the thing that's supposed to go in on like you know the fourth or third or whatever dates we had like then we're kind of screwed um but it's been going kind of well so far and i think we have i think we're almost finished finished-ish with fixmas so um there's still more a couple more patches being rolled out but one very important thing when it comes to this year is really um that because we weren't like finished with fixmas when we were rolling things out as we go it's really important to to note that if if if you somehow found a way to time travel i don't know how you would do that though um what kind of magic you've unrolled but just know that if you found a way to access uh things early in in the game um by skipping ahead somehow i don't know how uh please note that if you do that you're going to get locked out of content because when we when we do push out things that you're supposed to go in the bill for a certain date if you already passed by that date you won't get it uh unfortunately so it is it is uh it's really it's really some important because we like i'm not saying this and we didn't do this to like punish anyone and we honestly don't really care if somebody wants to you know if somebody magically found a way to time travel like you play the game however you want we don't really care about that stuff so long as you don't post any spoilers that's a good one but um but the issue is really that we don't want people to miss out on content like that's that's the one major thing um because there really is no like good way to to fix it if you do that um in the game vanilla so just don't do it or at least have backups of your save files if you if you decide to do it because that's the only good way to do it like you have to have a backup a backed up save file um before the date for it to work so we really urge people not to do it this year so that you don't miss out because there's there's uh i think most of the things have been rolled out so far but there's still a couple more really cool things uh that we're super stoked about uh for fixmas um that we really want you guys to try out and and uh you know try out and and and have so we don't want people to miss that that's that's the main thing um so yes anyway so so that's fixmas um and yeah we're still working on a couple of bug fixes major issues specifically we we won't do any more like you know tweak bugs like we won't do bug fixes that are like you know aren't major aren't like game show stoppers um stuff like that because we really want to focus on on fixing the major issues right now uh and then we're rolling out fixmes stuff and uh that's pretty much what we're gonna do for the remainder of this year really uh there aren't that many uh days left um for us at coffee stain this year because everyone's going on on uh vacation or chris holiday break so um it's gonna be pretty chill you pro probably won't see a ton more patches which is probably people are probably happy about that because then we won't break their dedicated servers and stuff like that people taking years to download their patches um jason's already in break yes


but we are still working on yeah fixedness and fixing bugs we're still working on dedicated servers as i mentioned before dedicated servers are uh not specifically tied to update 5 in though even though we release dedicated servers um at the same time as update 5 dedicated servers are kind of like their own thing and we will keep working on that um for you know as long as we need to until we feel they're stable enough uh so even though you won't see like any new like feature updates or anything like that in a while um you'll still see it kind of like changes to the dedicated servers and and more support for dedicated servers in the meantime so you know that's on its separate track we're focused on the game and we also have dedicated servers running same time working on that stuff so uh yeah that's happening let's see here another thing that we're doing right now this is a little bit of like it won't this is the news for you guys but something that we're also doing right now um is we're doing kind of like a retrospective office stain we're kind of like looking over what we did with update five and trying to figure out like what can we do better uh in the future how can we improve on this um because i think uh like i think we had like a couple of new people working on update five uh compared to update four so this is this is like natural when you're working in in like any office really like the flux of people kind of changes how you work on the game and that's kind of good honestly like you don't want to get too folded into like one way of working um so that's we're probably gonna spend like a couple of days more on this doing this um doing a retrospective and um and yeah we also have a couple of uh like chill plans planned for us so won't be much updates that's what i'm trying to say this year you'll get like a couple more fitness updates but uh yeah it's gonna be pretty chill for us at coffee stain this is uh we're kind of like closing out the year if you will winding down if you will so uh rich pretty sure as for like what's gonna happen next year oh that's that's a juicy yeah yeah a holiday party exactly we have one plan actually unless uh they changed the covet restrictions which we'll see what happens


but yeah the the exciting thing is really what's coming next year honestly because that's that's what we're looking towards right now because some people are still working on some of the major issues with the game but a lot of people have moved on and we're working on what's coming next and uh you know that's that's exciting