December 12th, 2018

December 12th, 2018 Q&A: Satisfactory exclusive to Epic Games Store

Q&A: What about the security breaches in the past with Epic?



about the security breaches in the past
with epic yeah there was a pretty big
breach huh like I even got burnt by it
as well someone like hacked into my
account and like bought $100 of e-books
and then I had to get a refund and I did
get it but that was a complete pain in
the ass so that's super unfortunate so I
I can totally understand if you have
security concerns again this is one of
those things that you know you make your
decision here if you cannot trust epic
on this because of the security of your
personal details and information you
know then don't write so I can totally
understand that and you know it would be
you know I could totally do like a what
about ISM here and be like you know but
there have been breaches on other stores
but that doesn't matter right like what
matters is if you're gonna go to a
platform you don't want your [ __ ] stolen