December 12th, 2018

December 12th, 2018 Q&A: Satisfactory exclusive to Epic Games Store

Q&A: Why did you leave it on Steam for so long then do a bait and switch?



satisfactory on Steam for so long and
then do a bait and switch were you just
using it from marketing slash of
visibility before we were exclusive on
epic we were on Steam and we intended to
be on Steam in fact we intended to only
be on Steam but that obviously changed
and we didn't really want to raise any
question marks because of the NDA we
wouldn't be able to answer any questions
in the two days last week between when
the steam store page went down and when
we exclude announced the exclusive deal
with epic the reaction was unreal and so
given what we know now looking in
hindsight you know we could have done it
that way and like maybe that was the
better thing to do maybe it wasn't if we
took the steam store page down and then
started giving out alpha keys people
gonna be like well where did the keys go
and we can't say anything about it would
have been months of questions with no
answers so we we made the best decision
that we could at the time and we thought