December 12th, 2018

December 12th, 2018 Q&A: Satisfactory exclusive to Epic Games Store

Q&A: ...but then why?



reasons why we went with the epic game
store and one of the first reasons is
because we have a long working
relationship with epic since the very
beginning of coffee-stained we've only
been using Unreal Engine apart from like
a couple mobile games so we have a
really good relationship there with epic
another thing is we like that it is an
option like another option which then
only focuses on giving sort of quality
curated titles so that's kind of cool
another thing is the revenue share
obviously it is better than other places
and what we would like to be a part of
is trying to set that as a new standard
for the industry which would be super
cool having said all that
who knows maybe it's no good maybe this
just doesn't work out crashes and burns
we have no idea we can't predict the
future so we're gonna be evaluating this
as we go hopefully hopefully things work
out so that's all the reasons why I'm
kidding yeah we got cash money
we got payment for the exclusivity deal
now how that's good for us and maybe
even good for you is that one it gives
us stability as a studio it guarantees
that we can keep going it guarantees
that we will be fine after creating
satisfactory it means we may be able to
support it for longer if we have a move
on from satisfactory that we can have
you know we're gonna have a better
budget to create better games now one
thing about getting a bunch of money is
that it's quite easy to promise yeah
we're gonna put it into great creative
games in the future and then just like
not do that the way that we chose to
make satisfactory was not like this
corporate board room which is like hey I
think this is a great
niche market to get into we should do
that no it was literally the developers
the programs and the designers and one
that voted to make it we had a
prototyping process where a bunch of
games with thoughta
and us the developers chose to make
satisfactory I don't know I think we
have a nice history there of putting our
resources into cool projects so I hope
that you know us being financially