January 18th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: FICS⁕MAS ends

January 18th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: FICS⁕MAS ends


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the only bit of I guess news that we have today really is that, fixmas ends today the, fixmas event that we've had in the game, either has already ended today or it ends today including today I don't remember if the the timer or whatever includes january 18th but, I think, am I too late to say muted that's true we missed that segment, we replaced it but, yeah it's, it's ending today and, in case you didn't know, everything you've built in fixmas will still, stick around your factories won't produce anything well technically they can if you still have presents lingering around but like giving I think they call fixmas gift trees, they won't produce presents anymore which means that you you know the first start of that cycle won't be possible but the machines will still be there if you still have presence left they can still be producing I think you can't place any new production buildings to use those recipes because those recipes are like hidden, so I think that's the state of fixmas right now so yes hope you stacked up on the balls the snowballs any balls really hope you stacked up on that just collect your balls yeah I hope they lasted all year round