May 25th, 2021 Livestream Community FYI: Bless SignpostMarv

May 25th, 2021 Livestream

Community FYI: Bless SignpostMarv

Snutt & Jace talk about this channel and the website

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bless signpost marv right you guys know the q and a clips youtube channel youtube channel he puts like all the clips on that channel I don't think we've ever, not only that but he also archives all the clips everything everything so after each stream he goes through and archives like all questions well most questions, and, archives them and I can't remember the name of the website I think it's just qa archive he posted on our discord so you can check it out there I've got the youtube thing I'm going to share in the chat yeah so there's a youtube channel with like all the clips that's captured with questions and there's also a website that has like references to all the clips yeah it's it's actually really bonkers and it's a lot of work, he's automated a lot of it but there's a lot of manual labor involved, so yeah check it out if you miss a stream you're like did I miss anything important and the answer is probably no but then you can check that website just to make sure marv you need to add this clip add this clip marv hey marv q a clips youtube channel hello hello channel trailer hello everybody thanks for all the work you're doing mars yeah okay bye goodbye see you later see you at home