July 6th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How many proof-readers does each language have?

July 6th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: How many proof-readers does each language have?


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we've talked about the so community-driven project we and we touched on proofreading as well so how like how how many proofreaders does each language have or how many proofreaders should they have and how like how do you pick a proofreader I guess and you ask alex nicely okay that's that's a really, interesting question because well I think that language has to have one professor and but we have historically like, it happened that some languages have several proofreaders sometimes, I just have a second or the third procreator if the first one goes into sort of location or well they let me know that we will they will not work in the projects they just don't want it maybe for any reason then then we have several but one is the best because there's there's got to be somebody who decides who has the final decision on those terms like what mcgellen told, because if there's no well you can't decide on everything with a vote but anyway, how do I point them sometimes it's pretty random like if we have one person in the language then he gets to be a proofreader with time if I see that he works and they or they work on the project and they do good stuff and there is no bad feedback from the players about this language then probably that's the way sometimes I'm asking the community because like if the language has several translators, they can tell me who is the best candidate like- I'm looking at the stats this guy has to be has to contribute a lot and well apparently he can get some recommendations from the community because right obviously I don't know every language of the 48 languages we have so I cannot possibly dive into this and see if the translation is greater or not yeah yeah but that's impossible so we have to kind of work around it's like a element of trust there I guess you've got to yeah absolutely yeah and I think that the translation community is community first and you can't go far without trust there because you