April 6th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Mark Talk: Feedback from hardcore players vs. casual players

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Mark Talk: Feedback from hardcore players vs. casual players


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so I saw something on twitter that I thought was pretty interesting from, the people that use used to be vlamber the blimper no longer exists they were talking about their game nuclear throne specifically about how, when they were taking feedback from players they were getting kind of skewed because they're like the players that gave them feedback were like they're hardcore players and they they didn't like represent their entire like player base so to speak and I was just curious like how that applied to satisfactory because we have a lot we have a very active community and a lot of people have various different, opinions on the game I'm just curious how we how we take that into consideration when we make game design decisions and that is actually a constant worry of mine because that's I feel one of the hardest things when it comes to the balancing is try to balance it for such a varied group of players right because you have to super hardcore players that actually want to potentially max out everything that really have all the spreadsheets going, they are looking to min max everything and then we have the more the probably the larger player base that isn't to that level, I try to keep a focus on both generally when I balance at least for recipes it's more more focused on the experience of making the recipe well we have tools in place that that help us facilitate to more advanced players like the alternate recipes I think is very good example because it allows us to add more complexity into certain recipes while also making them more appealing to those type of players because they're looking for efficiency in their factory cool so not me nope I feel like I'm getting to that point now where where I'm like the the moderate player or like- I've dabbled in the advanced stuff but I don't like I don't care about 100 efficiency I just want to get it working and I've done like all the yeah and advanced think that's that's one of the good things about the game it is it is pretty open-ended when it comes to that you don't need to make everything 100 efficient if you don't want to and if it's too much effort and you have the option to make it more complex by going that route or taking recipes that are more efficient but also more complex right and you can kind of challenge yourself as well by trying to do really high-end setups like huge train setups for example but I think in the end my hope is at least that we will have game wards to further support this yeah so I would love to see because I always see players asking for higher costs and stuff because there's always these these players of course that when they set up their first steel factory they just go over top and over the top and they just make a huge setup and that is fun to them but of course there's also players that don't want to do that so it's really hard to balance for example that cost of the milestones that is related to those setups because you make it too high it's going to be super annoying for certain type of players because they're going to have to wait a [ __ ] load [ __ ] a long time to actually get the parts to complete those milestones well for people that want to do a huge setup it feels really underwhelming in a way like they're not really getting the reward out of making that big setup because the game doesn't require them to do it so I'm hoping that in the future we can add game modes that facilitate that facilitates it at like higher cost options, maybe a mode where the numbers are a lot cleaner for people that don't want to have to do all the crazy math all the time yeah