April 15th, 2022 Video Snutt & Stefan Talk: Mining Resources & Crafting in Sprint 6

April 15th, 2022 Video

Snutt & Stefan Talk: Mining Resources & Crafting in Sprint 6


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so so one thing that I thought was really interesting with this specific one when we talk about the the mining thing is that you can mine everywhere right when you place miners you can place them wherever you want, so you get the same thing in the top corner there like you have three options here and like oh here's here's I get 50 stone here that might be good and then you walk up to the miner and you pick the recipe in the miner and that that blew my mind a little bit that like miners had recipes back in the day, so yeah I could place a minor here and then I could place another minor here this also this version also has you can spin the holograms so now I can actually place them a little bit more I want how I want them and then let's build a smelter because now we have smelters in the game and they look like faces I think this also like opens its mouth when it's like let's see here so let's hook up conveyor belt here and then set a recipe we'd have two inputs, yeah it did interesting I think we used to have or maybe in the build before this but we also had like coal inputs to everything before even before we had the wind turbine I think interesting there we go okay there's something with the menus where like it won't take the recipe unless you're right yeah especially like the first you need to go down and update I guess, we also have conveyor poles now, we didn't have that until this point and then hook up belt got iron ingots I think this is a constructor that we now refer to as a constructor so hook up that and then we create iron plates iron plate so out of iron ingots we got iron plates what was that the machine called is it a manufacturing plant yeah manufacturing plant exactly that was also like an interesting time when we tried to define like okay so they're they're not just manufacturer tier one two and three but like that that why is a constructor constructor simpler than an assembler and that assembler is simpler than a manufacturer yeah like those those words are just, they have they have no like hierarchy meaning in the way that they right you kind of want in a game yeah so that was really hard to like figure out what what can make sense and not so yeah this this is pretty much a basic, first production chain and it's kind of fun to see like how this this chain still exists in the game to this day, and and we we didn't have any goal as of yet right there's no, hub trading post no in this version this is all just like the construction setups yeah yeah so apart from that we also have a coal generator, which is pretty much how we had it before update three where like you just feed it in coal I guess and then we'll give you power we also have a oil pump that you can also just place wherever you want and then we also have so we have the assembler here, and this is the old kind of look of the assembler this is kind of looking like how the assembler used to look before we did the change in update two was it yeah yeah because we had that big boxy yeah actually in the early access version right I think so I don't remember which I don't remember if we now we did the launch with it yeah I'm pretty sure we did, so yeah this got the boxy look of it, you can create ceiling it's engines engine wow cool miniature engine oh wait wait we gotta check out these things in the list here, ai controller chip battery cable circuit board drone chassis oh we even had drone ideas back then huh we got it all figured out from like week eight pretty much all the ideas I like this version of the game well it was fun to play it also and it opened up a lot of questions for like how, I mean with you being able to build everywhere and mine everywhere like what what scale is this game what yeah what's the kind of experience we want with the procedural or the like created world the handmade because here it's really hard to yeah to know what people will do and how they will build and, how they play the game but it has its ups and downs for sure I think it's very interesting check out the water very very cool there's stuff in here in the water like in the lake here very cool all right