April 15th, 2022 Video Snutt & Stefan Talk: Work Bench

April 15th, 2022 Video

Snutt & Stefan Talk: Work Bench


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the first build that I saw with the workbench in it and the workbench also worked a little bit different back in the day, because the way you would do it is it kind of like looks like the minecraft ui a little bit where if you want to create like a iron ingot so you'd place it in like the the the 3x3 grid and then you hold space to produce or maybe not no sorry I need to oh there we go I needed to like hover over it or something so here we go here's ironing it the important thing isn't that like everything feels good or like the ui and ux is like done or anything like that the important thing is really like the game loop and like figuring out where what to pursue and stuff so if they're like bugs and glitches I mean those are prevalent on these belts but, the important thing is that you kind of get the game I would say, so I assume like when you if you make like more complex stuff you can like put stuff in the grid and yeah I think we just realized later on that I mean you're basically just taking stuff from your inventory and putting in this in this temporary right inventory in the workbench so like why have that extra stuff yeah and not just choosing director from the inventory I think this is a good example of like when you have an idea of something you're like this this would be cool like this complex system and then I think that would be fun and then you try it out and you realize it doesn't really make sense like it's it we like you just said why don't we just produce it from your inventory instead of having like this weird grid situation, and it's one of those things where it's kind of hard to like envision that before you actually try it so so one thing that I thought was