April 15th, 2022 Video Snutt & Stefan Talk: Sprint 1

April 15th, 2022 Video

Snutt & Stefan Talk: Sprint 1


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going to jump straight into like so this is the when we dug up the builds this is this is the first sprint so the way we used to well we kind of do is still but we the way we used to do it more so I'd say is we would have sprints so we'd work agile and like the each sprint would be kind of two weeks I think if I remember correctly that's correct, so this is like the first two weeks or or something or like of developing the game and, yeah this is this is like the first, this is rough because you can you can only place miners you can't switch buildings or anything like that we've got the default like unreal engine, like mannequin model with the hands first person, you can place miners and I think yeah there's an inventory so you can yeah you see it's like a classic burnt bacon icon that was with us for like three years of development at least I don't know that's just what we called it the burnt bacon nice yeah I was trying to like figure out like what the hell is this supposed to be like it could look a coal a little bit yeah but like you can you can pick it up and you have an inventory so I have 20 in my inventory and that's it that's that's that's all you could do all right thanks for watching thanks for coming everybody bye but I honestly