November 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 9)

November 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 9)

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why don't we make this a little bit interesting how about we put a little wager on the game okay, what did you have in mind how about if I win we add golf the game, how about if I win we finally release dedicated servers all right you're on so oh boy oh boy so, I always felt like when we were writing the script it always felt like weird or not weird but like I was I was always scared that like that literally the first thing we talk about is dedicated servers and like maybe people will immediately catch on that like they can run on dedicated servers but that was not the case at all no- I would say there was a a mix a pretty healthy mix of it's going to be dedicated servers it's going to be golf it's going to be neither or it's going to be both and people would be like at the beginning oh it's going to be dedicated servers they'll say that they're in that moment but like in four or five minutes from now they'll be like oh they're not adding either or or they're going to add both like no one really knew or not a lot of people really knew what was actually gonna happen at the end and I think that was really important yeah I think another really key important thing here which happened before this video and that is like we've been hounded about hounded sorry it's a pretty shitty word to use I guess but we've been you know people have been on us about dedicated service for a long time rightfully so because we did say we were gonna do it you know years ago and it took us this long to to do it so a lot of people have been you know requesting it, and then golf came along and it ended up working as a pretty good sort of distraction we ended up being able to like get community to rally around something else and then everyone was like yeah we want that we want that we want that and we kind of like misdirected people with golf yeah and that that worked out really well here because then when it comes out with like you know it's like we'll add golf to the game everyone's like yay and then I say dedicated service and a lot of people were like wait wait I forgot about those know what actually we want those yeah those no wait roll back roll back this is so true by the way hi lolly I saw you I saw you lolly, yeah so, and it's it's super fun to watch like react to the video where like streamers were watching this and like people in chat were commenting about stuff because we also have like built the reputation that like you don't like no matter what these guys say you don't know what's gonna happen yeah yeah so like yeah there's a moment in the later where like when we're looking into the camera we're saying like maybe we won't add either and people were legit saying that like just before that happened and I was so happy yeah yeah a lot of these little things ended up landing really well and, this moment here when we said dedicated servers watching the chat reactions on on twitch and youtube were really great because that's when people were like no wait oh my god servers you know like they forgot all about it yeah yeah