August 30th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022

August 30th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022

00:00 Expectations
04:06 Meetup
09:03 TwitchCon San Diego 2022?
09:38 The Bye at the Bar
11:29 The Boat Trip
11:57 Outro

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so, but we're gonna guess we can yeah we're gonna talk a little bit about, right before we went on vacation, me and jace went to, twitchcon yes and I saw some people asking about gamescom we weren't there unfortunately I wish it was actually god that looked really fun but yeah we did go to twitchcon a few, what like months weeks ago months I'm not sure yeah when was this yeah a while back yeah yeah yeah, pretty cool pretty cool it was very, not what I expected in in one way and totally what I expected in another way in another sense it was the weird thing is is like you know before going you know like I would have you know I overthink everything so I'm like oh my god it might be too much too intense I might have the energy but then on the other hand I'm like but it might be amazing get to meet all these people have a great time ah that's too good that would never happen it's gonna be scary the other stuff right it turned out to be the best case scenario in my opinion like it was I was never bored for a second there was like always something to do in fact it was probably too much yeah there was too much people to hang out with everyone was incredible that we met all the creators that all the fans and stuff like that like everyone was just super like respectful and nice and funny and interesting it was just honestly like three days straight of like good vibes yeah constantly for sure yeah, and the thing is like we didn't really do anything we just we just like talked yeah yeah I feel like we didn't really interact with the events so much but it's like it's the people that the event brought together right yeah totally yeah so we hung out with like a bunch of satisfactory content creators this is so good and it was just wild right because I don't know like I don't know what your expectation was no but like one thing I did not expect was like to be stopped by people no exactly I was going to bring that up too because I was expecting like okay we're going to twitch gonna be like a couple of people notice this and like a couple of people in the community but like we were like not hassle but like constantly people were talking to us constantly like constantly and and that was weird like not in a bad way but like I was not expecting that yeah yeah yeah yeah I think there was one point where you had to go back in you're like look I'm putting on glasses and I've got to go yeah- I put on like the mask and everything and like I just walked around for a bit and that was the only time I didn't get stopped because yeah it was some weird kind of like felt like some weird yeah like rock star celebrity right but but like in my mind like- I'm the up like my my my understanding of the situation is the complete opposite of that so like it was very shocking for it to con consistently happen but it was it was I mean it was fun it was certainly fun and it was super nice to just meet people and like I think one of the key things for me with the entire event was that it was like really motivating and like invigorating and you know even though we see all of you guys here in chat right now it's like 700 people here right now and usually there's like over a thousand but like and so many people watch our videos like it's hard to grasp what that means when you don't see anyone right but now we're seeing all these people who are like big smiles on their faces you know really grateful for the game and like the content that we put out like I don't know it it like it made me think oh wait like all the work we do actually matters you know it actually does make a difference like intellectually I always thought it did but I never really felt it or internalized it and like to do that that like that's what that did for me and it was really motivating and invigorating and like validating all the work that, I slash we have put in it was super good yeah for sure because that's definitely one of the quote unquote like lessons really is like how you don't like when you just see people's names in chat and when you think like just think about numbers and like how many people play the game like they're high numbers but they don't you don't really like since you don't physically see them you don't really take it in and you don't like really it isn't really like you don't really get what it means until you actually start interacting with people yeah it's hard to fully understand it's it's hard to fully understand yeah I don't know but it was it was really great, like we did do a meet-up I don't know if you got this, picture sure do, it's nice to put face numbers for sure the meeting people showed up yep this is the entire switch cone here they are, one second, what was it, oh I blinked good that's that's what I'm here for yeah nice to put faces to numbers this is bringing it back wait for it anyway the picture's here now yeah so, we did do a meet-up, at twitchcon and it was yeah it was just really weird like I don't know- I it was very last second it was very like yeah we talked about it like a couple of days before like we should we should do like a meetup we should put it something on socials yeah we should and then like, we yeah let's okay let's do it and then on the day we're like oh we're gonna have a meet up, we're gonna do it here like yeah yeah yeah we did it outside the venue and we were just like oh we'll see what happens yeah and then like as we were walking towards it yeah we were like we didn't know how many people were going to be there we were like oh there'd be like 15 people or something right also we were late that's another thing too we said like we'll be here at three or whatever time we said and then we're 15 minutes late we were 15 partly because we kept getting stopped okay I just wanna you know it's not just our fault but yeah we were definitely, light and then yeah as we were approaching the crowd we were like wait are those people yeah we're like we're like there's a lot of people where we're supposed to meet should we like tell people to meet somewhere else like that's literally the conversation like I don't know like snoot and I and and maybe coffee stain studios at least I don't know we we always just kind of think like ah we're just kind of doing our thing and it's nothing special like yeah that's just kind of how we have that's the kind of mentality that we have and then like so when we're approaching we're like there's like a lot of people wait wait and then we could recognize something like wait this is our group of people holy and then and then like we got there and like I look at snow snoot's clueless as to how to handle the situation yeah at all and I'm like all right I'm gonna have to do something now there's all these people around us they're staring at us, so then like yeah and then so we saw we just kind of like you know empty up a little bit and started speaking to people and took some pictures and all that kind of stuff gave away some like cool loot it was really really fun and yeah and you can see probably like a lot of familiar faces in there, in the tiny version that I've got here I can see, I can see tina, who else is there bits is there there's a lot a lot of people a lot of people whose names like molly's on the right, also you can see there's a pioneer next to lollip oh yeah so possible as well yeah that was awesome yeah yeah yeah the, pioneer cosplay yeah I can see yuri in there jamorian is there yeah so many really really cool people it was so cool, people some people saying how many of these shirts are I'm a cartoon character I have seven of these shirts and seven of these beanies and I switch them every day yeah you are wearing the same shirt I am literally the same one I actually have two of these I should have put on the I should have found the same blue shirt that I have here yeah yeah that would have been good yeah, yeah it was it was wild and it was like overwhelming like in a good way, but just like same thing there like didn't really think that that many people would want to come and interact with us yeah but, we were we were wrong and, in in the best possible way it was honestly so wholesome and so I'm so tired by the end but it was like the best use of my energy you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah this yeah this it was a good day I had to tell you it was a good day good good few days good good week, weekend for sure for sure yep absolutely yeah and some great friends I think thank you there's me again no I did got a lot of good friendships people that I hadn't met before and I think we got along great and I look forward to seeing them again a lot of incriminating photos were taken out of us my clothes were on the entire time even while I showered thank you very much you know that have you seen that like, brain uses the picture we took at the dock as it's like going live oh yeah right right every time that was a good picture oh yeah that's me brain yeah danny as well spike as well yeah oh man yeah it was such a great great time for sure so thank you everyone who came out, to say hello to us and stuff really really appreciate it you made that trip amazing yeah tina the photographer of course tina took all the pictures thank you very much yeah just banging out you're super good yeah yeah twitchcon holy is there anything else to say about that I don't think so yeah I don't know there's the, twitchcon san diego coming up right, yeah we're still sort of figuring out what to do there I don't know if someone's interested in the the trip I'm not I'm not going I can tell you that I'm not going for that I might be going I'm not sure yet I'm I feel like I should just do it, and, yeah but we'll have to see do it yeah just do it yeah I need to shila buff the out of this yeah I love it all right but cool we're not here just to talk about twitchcon and talk about twitch because we're on twitch right now oh yeah the buy at the bar someone mentioned that wait what oh yeah wait do you remember so okay wait there was a bar that we went through you meant bias and like okay never mind yeah yeah yeah yeah buy at the bar you know I'm not the bisexual at a bar no that's what I'm that's all right thank you all right the goodbye yeah yeah so okay this was this was wild first of all, like on the last day the sunday we, like us and like a bunch of, satisfactory content creators and community members, we, took this boat through like the canals of, amsterdam and it was really nice and we got to like eat and drink on the boat and then we went to a bar afterwards and then we were hanging out there now first of all ed sheeran was at the bar for some reason apparently we heard did you see it no I didn't see you okay yeah apparently ed sheeran was there so that's that's cool but anyway then we're hanging out with everyone and then, and then soon I had to leave, and that was like the last time we would see anyone because the next morning we were leaving, to fly out, and when we said well we said goodbye to everyone everyone in our community because like in our group we had a pretty big group everyone started clapping and then everyone else in the bar started clapping and cheering for snoop night as we walked out so awkward yeah yeah as I was walking out I also heard someone's like who what are we clapping for yeah yeah yeah like I didn't expect like our group to start clapping for us as we left for starters and then everyone in the bar is trying it was going on for so long too yeah they didn't stop everyone was staring at us oh my god yeah it was really funny yeah and sure yeah he's the game of thrones star that's right yeah well he is in game of thrones isn't he he is exactly yeah that's yeah yeah, so anyway that was twitchcon very surreal, experience also also another fun little anecdote from when we took that little boat trip, apparently like a huge like a bunch of really famous like, minecraft streamers were on a separate boat and we met like we met on the canal and both met like oh that was pretty funny oh I remember that moment I didn't know who they were though yeah yeah yeah so that was like a bunch of, minecraft streamers oh crazy yeah yeah yeah nice super cool yeah all right what a great time it was a great time- I think back fondly of it oh yeah for sure it's one of the one of the coolest things that's happened to me this year for sure for sure a lot of cool things have happened this year actually yeah that was you know up there