April 20th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Update 4 Multiplayer connectivity

April 20th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Update 4 Multiplayer connectivity


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honest with you guys what's going on so the first issue that I want to address is that some people are having issues with connectivity, where in update three you were able to like connect to people freely and in this update there have been some issues for some people first of all I want to say that we are aware of it we are investigating it but we don't have any leads currently we think it's something to do with the latest version of eos maybe potentially but we're not quite sure, thanks loli and, yeah we're still investigating that unfortunately we don't have any leads currently but we're we're tracking it, and we've some people in the community have been very, helpful with us on this regard and trying to like troubleshoot it as much as they can with us we really appreciate that the best way, overall for you guys is to report that on the question site and give us like as much detail of your like setup as possible so you know like what your nat type is who you're connecting with are there on lan stuff like that, there are probably posts already about this on the keyway site but don't let that discourage you we want to get as much information as possible please post your logs which you can find in a local app data factor game saved logs folder, use like a paste bin or something like that and post on the qa side, just help us give us information essentially what what what issues you're running into if it's anything connectivity one thing regarding that is that some people have managed to like successfully connect after they've tried a bunch of times so if you're running into like connectivity issues and you try like one or two times just keep trying eventually it has worked for a lot of people we're not exactly sure why but just keep trying if you're running into this, if it's not too frustrating so to speak, because it has worked for some people, and it's kind of like for some people it's always been a little bit random when it happens and for some people it it has worked to like try booting up a new save and see if you can connect then and if you can't connect then then make sure to like let us know on the qs side and also possibly add your save file to the the bug report so we can look at the specific save file and see if there's anything in the save file itself that's stopping the connectivity our, so yeah that's that's one thing that we're working on currently