April 6th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Epic Online Services instability

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Epic Online Services instability


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so just want to say that real quick also speaking of epic if you didn't know we're using epic online services for our game to handle the multiplayer aspects of the game and currently there's apparently some issues with eos that happened today as of today with their authentication um and they're working on fixing that but that unfortunately affects satisfactory a bit um even if you're not playing online the game will still try to authenticate with epic i believe there are some logic now in the game that if you are trying to connect to the servers uh it will time out eventually and the game will switch over to like offline mode so if you're getting that like logging in menu screen or whatever and it's like just wait it out um until it switches you over to like single player mode or whatever and something that currently happens with the game because of that is your the way we like when you're loading a save file the way we identify players currently is by checking out like your online id and then match that to like the player characters in the world and if you're playing offline then it has no one to like connect it to because uh we don't track like your last logged in player or something like that uh so it won't know what to do and it will just spawn a new player character and don't worry like nothing's broken that's by design uh so far we're going to change that at some point but that's the way it's been done up to now because the game has been made for multiplayer essentially um all you need to do is just find your body and just pet it like you'd pet at lizzidargo right and then just loot your um your uh your equipment from from the loot box that spawns once you've been petting your character too much um and you can just keep playing it as usual um and if you're not getting past that like um logging in signing in window which i'm very confident that if you just wait like i think it's like 15 seconds or 20 seconds or something like that a bit it will eventually like time you out and put you in in single play mode but you can also uh if you're on steam wait does that actually work on steam i'm not sure that where something but if you're on epic you can you can go into like offline mode and epic or whatever and they won't try to do that anymore um so yeah just a quick update this happens from time to time i don't know what the hell they're doing uh yeah you can also use the the parameter epic portal no multiplayer also works but just remember put that back on again because otherwise you'll always keep getting that issue where you'll spawn a new pawn every time when you play a character um so yeah that's the state of dev