June 1st, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How do you measure 10m height?

June 1st, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: How do you measure 10m height?

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how do you measure 10 meters height so it's, there's no real easy way to like eyeball it I suppose but you can use foundations right so the thickest foundation I think is four meters, so if you build like two of those and then like a two meter that's going to be your 10 meters and so you can sort of use that as an indicator, there are also pumps that you can oh no, there are also pumps in the game which you can attach to your pipes which give more head lift just pump the water up and you know you can always just add them if you're just not sure, some people just like to do it just for a security sake you know, yeah the pumps also give you a little bit of indication like how far they will push stuff so maybe I can showcase this real quick, oh I don't have concrete no it's it's all right oh this one isn't producing anything that's all I'm going to say- I don't have storage here I didn't plan this far ahead because I'm a little just like monkey that was a hug all right all right calm down where is he where's he at where's he he's stuck get out of my house I can't hit him all right perfect yeah we'll use walls to measure height as well yep that could work yeah you can also if you all click, there's a little bit of an indication like how far away the ping is so like you can see like that's 20 meters up so you can get a sense of like how high up the walls are