May 18th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Do you have a known issues page?

May 18th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Do you have a known issues page?

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this is weird so do you have a known issues page or a recapturing state of dev see responses to pipes being bugged or dedicated servers so here's the thing about like known issues and frequently asked questions- I think we might have something on discord right we have a few of the like way major ones but it's it's kind of but dated I think yeah see but that's the thing so like with those things one they get dated and two they get big they get really big to the point that it's not quick and easy to find those answers anymore yeah so it almost defeats the purpose like like everyone will look at like this massive wall of text and be like I could read this or I could just ask them on stream and people would just ask me on stream so it doesn't it actually doesn't really curb the frequently asked questions that much yeah it's having big walls of text like that so it's the same thing on our discord where we do have an faq and, people still ask the exact questions that are in the fk faq and I guess like people can pinpoint to the faq but you know it's not gonna stop people from like asking and, yeah we I we don't mind it either like or at least I don't, because like how are people gonna find everything like there's so much information about the game everywhere like how can you possibly you know narrow it down to this one page where people can find all the condom comment issues and stuff like that, so we just gotta be be friendly and, deal with it and try and help someone out you know it's if somebody jumps in on discord and asks a question that's been asked 1 000 times remember that this is the first time that person has asked and how can they possibly have known that this is a common thing you know so please be friendly and think about that when when you're helping your fellow pioneer