April 7th, 2023 Video Beyond Update 8

April 7th, 2023 Video

Beyond Update 8


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probably be coming okay so that's what's coming in update eight and you may be interested in hearing what will come Beyond update and so we've created a little bit of a road map here so as of recording our intentions right now is to do some more minor landscape and foliage polish to the Western beaches Western Dune forest and the blue crater the southern Forest will also get some minor landscape, and and foliage polish as well however it is a little bit of a wild card and there is potential for more significant changes too but we're not really sure as of yet so maybe if you want a future proof proof your factories try steer clear of the Southern Forest okay there will also be some like Global changes to areas around water features in the game moving forward as well and that's a little hard to depict on any sort of like map or anything like that so I'm not including it in the in the maps that we're Distributing to you guys but just know that there will be be mild or mild significant at most changes to foliage and or landscape around water features moving forward okay that's all I can say alright this is a big video you guys but