April 7th, 2023 Video Desert Canyons

April 7th, 2023 Video

Desert Canyons


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next area getting some changes is the desert Canyons now this is actually a fairly major change I would say one of the bigger ones the only thing about this area though is it's actually just a small area and- I think not too many people used it for factory building, either okay so the thing about this area is that this has been converted into more of a transitional biome between all the biomes around it and what this means is that there's been a lot of cliffs that have been either completely replaced, and just the the general landscape of it has changed a little bit and so and so there's a decent chance of factories being swallowed up by these Cliffs so if you have factories in the desert Canyons I would recommend moving them out the general shape of the cliff structure and positioning will be kind of the same but like just some things will be moving okay so we can't really guarantee anything so it's probably best it's probably best to assume that any factories there are unsafe as is, but I think even if you don't do anything it won't be that big of a disaster and it looks really cool now by the way I love the, how it's become more of a transitional thing looks super cool now one biome I guess you would