April 7th, 2023 Video Rocky Desert

April 7th, 2023 Video

Rocky Desert


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stuff there, next area is going to be the rocky desert, this is one area that got a lot of treatment when it comes to the non-uniformly scaled, Cliff faces so there's been a lot of that stuff been reworked here in the Rocky desert which means anything that is on or tightly around those, Cliff faces, or structures may have some floating or encroaching issues but nothing there shouldn't be anything too major there's also been a lot of landscape polish that's happened as well but it is mostly just polished so it shouldn't really affect your factories too much just a lot of like flattening and smoothing out of certain things and creating like nicer transitions into Cliffs which sort of mimic reality a little more and things like that, like like sand erosion going down off cliffs and you know into the into the road things like that little little touches here and there but yeah factories for the most part should be safe here there's also been like a lot of foliage polish the location of the foliage will still be in the same sort of area but of course this might mean that that foliage pops back up in your factory again one of the reasons why we we went over this is as I was saying before roads and pathways are a major thing and we think that this area struggled a lot with navigation and so this has also gotten a bunch of like roads built into it as well to help with navigation for vehicles and on foot and because of this creation of Roads, we've essentially made more space in this area than anything so it really does seem like if you run into Factory placement issues here it's going to be that there's going to be floating stuff rather than things being swallowed up but there has been a fair amount of changes so you'll have to go and inspect your factories there maybe you could just build if they're floating just like Chuck some foundations Quick Fix just slap a Band-Aid on it it'll work for me for my factories but I bet you guys have higher standards I mean I just let it float