April 7th, 2023 Video Titan Forest

April 7th, 2023 Video

Titan Forest


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the first thing is going to be the Titan forest and this probably has the most change probably out of anything and this has a complete foliage overhaul the the landscape and collisions of the Titan Forest you know landscape is largely unchanged, but the landscape painting and look and feel has completely changed so it's a different vibe in there the trees and the foliage have been completely completely replaced and so, the large Titan trees that you guys have known before, they have also changed to a new model now this may be problematic okay, but the trees themselves which are non-destructible will still be in the same placement so that hasn't changed their shapes and stuff have changed now I think from what I've seen generally they're a little thinner than they used to be so we shouldn't have Factory encroaching if you've built stuff around those trees however their shape as they go further up is different and so it's possible that if you have built high up tightly against Titan trees that you may get Factory encroaching, or the tree encroaching on your factory way up there okay so that's something to keep in mind the Eastern