April 7th, 2023 Video Recreated Cliff Structures

April 7th, 2023 Video

Recreated Cliff Structures


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bananas one other General past that we've done kind of throughout the world a little bit I think I'll I'll specify a little bit more as we go on and it may slightly it may slightly affect your factories probably not in any super meaningful ways is that we have recreated some of the cliff structures that have been in the game and the reason for this is that some of the cliffs well most of the cliffs are constructed out of like pieces right in in the game, and the cliffs before and many Cliffs that are still in the game right now were constructed out of non-uniformly scaled pieces what that means is things that are stretched in one dimension but not equally in other dimensions and what that basically means is like squished pieces now this has various effects including like the obvious visual one where there are certain, rocks and cliffs that look squished or have parts of it that look squished in the texture, and so we've actually gone through a bunch of these, with some other newest I think some new assets or existing ones I'm pretty sure there's some new ones in there too, and recreated those clips as Faithfully as possible using uniformly scaled pieces rather than non-uniformly scaled pieces so what this means is that some of the clips that we've reworked should look better but it also means that their structure and their shape May differ slightly slightly though there's been great effort gone into making sure that all the cliffs still remain as close as possible to what they were so that this might mean that there might be some clipping in some buildings, or maybe some buildings are like floating a little more than they used to be before but this shouldn't mean, Cliffs swallowing up, effect entire Factory buildings shouldn't mean but, that's one General pass thing that has happened, for the world okay so