April 7th, 2023 Video Exploration Gameplay changes in Update 8

April 7th, 2023 Video

Exploration Gameplay changes in Update 8


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alright this is a big video you guys but we got we got more to talk about so the next area that we're going to talk about is going to be the exploration gameplay changes coming in update 8. okay so by by exploration gameplay what we're talking about is I'm talking about creatures creature placement hazards like fart rocks uranium deposits destructible rocks, we're also talking about Edibles like berries and nuts we're talking about artifacts like the summer sloops and the Mercer spheres power slugs crash sites these are explosion things we're talking about and so various areas around the map have gotten like that were completely lacking these things have gotten a a pretty heavy gameplay pass over them so these areas we're talking about are the Spire Coast The Cliffs between Dune desert and Spire Coast I think it's called Dune Desert Mountain or Dune Mountain plateaus I can't remember there's also the abyss Cliffs has gotten a bit of a treatment as well the cointree forest has gotten some love and also the Titan Forest there have been other polish passes that have happened in other areas too around the map mostly in starting areas, but that's kind of I think it for for now, also you might be wondering well aren't resource nodes and exploration feature as well and yes they are we do consider resource nodes to be an exploration game exploration gameplay feature but, it's important to note that in update 8 there will be no changes to Resource nodes as of yet, we do plan on doing that in the future there are some areas like the Spire Coast that desperately need changes to Resource nodes or maybe more added maybe move to who knows those kinds of changes will come in the future, when we do another gameplay exploration pass over the entire map later okay and that will all come in one go as opposed to like the little bits here and there, some other changes is that we're adding two