April 27th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Update 5

April 27th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Update 5


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so city development what's going on what's where's update 5 what the hell is happening, we are kind of figuring that out that's that's kind of the gist of, the state of dev right now we are we are working on update five we have started working on update five we have started working on the five potentially update six we haven't okay let me first explain this okay because there's a little bit of confusion whenever we make announcements about like we don't know when update 5 is coming so so that's the first thing we don't know when update 5 is coming it's going to be sometime this year that's that's like we're pretty sure on that and and for everyone's like no delay blah blah like we've been on time the last couple of, updates like since the fluid update we've been on time for every single update which is amazing and I'm gonna jinx it just because that, so so I think we're on pretty good like record track we have a pretty good like track record right now of like being able to manage our own like workload and like expectation that what we can do for updates and stuff like that so we we, but we are still figuring out like what we want to do for update five, and originally update 5 was going to be a smaller update and just be like, you know add-on update 4 sort of but now we kind of like have been thinking about moving things around and like our schedule that we've had we've had a schedule that we've like preliminarily like this is the roadmap for us internally sort of what we think we want to do that roadmap is like gone not gone but like it's completely been changed so again another reason why we don't have a public roadmap is because we won't be able to do that if we did and, it's better for the game long term because it makes it possible for us to like adjust to, kind of what makes sense if we have time to do it and kind of organize you know what goes into which update so we're still figuring this out we haven't decided yet exactly how big update five is gonna be we haven't decided yet when, when exactly it will be the only thing we've kind of like decided so far is that we're not gonna release update five before vacation for us essentially so that means that update five is looking more to like a fall kind of update, we're kind of hoping to be able to do another maybe fix this thing for for christmas so we don't want to like delay it for too long, or push it back too long I should rather say, but yeah and certainly confirm uncertainty ah uncertainty confirmed for sure we haven't decided exactly when update 5 is going to happen, and we also have because we like have been moving things around we also don't know exactly what's going into update 5., so that's something we're trying to figure out currently we're trying to like manage our own expectations we're trying to figure out what are like the critical things to go into update five versus the like things that we can fit into update 5 so that's kind of what's going on what's going on