November 17th, 2017 - Hi, I'm Jace

November 17th, 2017 Community Manager Introduction - Coffee Stain Studios

Hi, I'm Jace



programmer here at Culver stain studios
where the people who made that sanctum
franchise in that shitty game good
simulator and I'm here to introduce
myself to you as the new community
manager of coffee stain studios so what
that means is I'm going to be the
communicator the middleman between all
of you out there and coffee stains so
anytime anyone yells out sanctum 3 or we
need more goats I'm gonna run to the
team and tell them right away sanctum 3
when we need a good simulator heroes do
we need that every soup or so I'll be
involved with the coffee stain social
media accounts as well as making some
videos because I kind of want to show
you guys what it's like to work here
coffee stain cuz it's pretty fun we've
got some really cool people really nice
office and I want to do it in a really
honest way and I think I think you'll
enjoy that and we have like a lot of
different people that work here at
coffee stains so it could be you know if
they let me point a camera at then maybe
I can introduce them to you as well and
I'm still like figuring all this stuff
out myself from like figuring out the
camera and you know video editing
software and whatnot I'm pretty new to
all of this so uh I hope it's getting
hit better over time that's the plan and