September 14th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Trolling about Update 5 features

September 14th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Trolling about Update 5 features

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yeah anyway let's talk about other [ __ ] that we know that's weird you guys don't know oh jace you know that feature that's coming in update five that people don't know about oh oh boy their minds are gonna be blown so it's, honestly every every second I can, spare from you know doing work yeah I'm just playing with that feature yeah I just got the game open sometimes I don't even care about the game so much I'm just like I just want to play with that feature and just look at it yeah I just have the game running all the time and just have it look yeah just keep it running in the back in fact I'm going to do that right now I'm going to boot up the game real quick yeah open up steam here pretty sure ah [ __ ] it crashed let me just check oh I can check the leaderboard I'm beating you with that feature I'm beating you I'm ahead that's impossible I'm ahead no no one's better at me that no one's better at hmm than me just saying no no no no no no you want to [ __ ] go you want to 1v1 though one second yeah dude let me send you in 1v1 invite I'll [ __ ] I'll [ __ ] crack down on you bro that's it I think you're probably finished for a while now all right I just launched the, the nukes no damn it I think I think you're done yeah sorry sorry I meant on epic, it's this yeah epic that's the version I'm playing right now I boo I'm booting you up at the same time both of them right now wait one second wait there's I just need to tend to the feature real quick okay to attend to the wow you had that at the ready [ __ ] speed dial


jason is ready for the vehicle update you're done that's it yeah- I don't I don't even care anymore I can just leave this let it sit for a week and you'll you'll never catch me, -huh all right I'm gonna have it looks like someone's gonna have to work overtime this week jetski confirmed does jet ski have wheels no they don't steering wheel at a steering wheel on a jet ski that would look so stupid oh man if somebody please if you have footage of you playing satisfactory with the steering wheel somehow like remapped it or something oh boy please at me golf leaderboard it actually actually worked it's not golf it's not golf the feature is way better yeah you can't drive golf no


amazing I'm just thinking when people when people get what's not like it hurts I bet, it's got her on steam I bought the game twice I got to see my an epic yeah I bought it twice you literally drive in golf that's that's not the part of golf I'm thinking of I guess you do yeah you already added the golf cart though you already know about that,