April 27th, 2021 Livestream Snutt Talk: I got a new chair

April 27th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt Talk: I got a new chair


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go peace no it seems like you like it it's it's I got a new chair and, it's it's great because it like I have shoulder pain, and one of the problems with my and I have back pain as well but like re recently I had a lot of shoulder pain, and I've I've come to realize it was my old chair that was absolutely the reason why it made it ten times worse because it had like a hard cushion in the back of the chair, it wasn't great but with this chair it like flexes a little bit so I can like this isn't me leaning back in the chair if I lean back it looks like this what


amazing, this is me leaning back on the chair whereas this is like me flexing like my back it's great it's amazing, so you're gonna probably see me do that a lot on stream, because it's important to remember to like straighten out your your shoulders you're not supposed to like you know, sit with your your shoulders like straighten out but you're supposed to do it from time to time and I do that when I feel I need to and I sometimes when I've been sitting down a lot I can feel it in my shoulders I can feel it in my back, so that's that's why you see me do this a lot and it kind of looks like I'm like leaning back and forth on the chair but I'm actually not I'm just moving my my like upper torso and, yeah so good economics is important you guys I've learned that the hard way okay, move your body okay- I wish I had realized this before I was too old and, there was, I'm okay it I'm doing a psa right now okay things I wish I had learned before- I turned 30 okay, don't sit still too much okay it messes you up you're like having back problems and that is a pain in the ass and it's 100 avoidable, 100 avoidable okay 38 old dude exactly and that's exactly my point because I'm not even old and I'm already having like a ton of issues with my body and, yeah knees as well I have knees issues as well I have like I haven't I'm 60. I have knee issues I have a back problem I have shoulder issues I have hip issues, that I actively go to physiotherapy about, and- I am pretty healthy all things considered you know so go on walks go on short walks just do anything that makes you move you don't have to exercise just like do yoga or or something I do yoga every day now and it's it makes me feel so much better and yoga isn't you know like oh you have to get a yoga mat and like be in gear and like do all those weird poses and like yoga is just like flexing your your muscles and go on youtube look at the stretches just do stretches like just don't sit still all day like you gamers out there don't don't play our game for like 60 hours a day you have to move okay all right got that out of my system anyway what were we talking about, anyway I wish I had known that before I was like before I was too old because like there was a I think it was like when I turned like 26 or something like it just like my I can't my body just snapped I just like started having issues it was like on the day I turned 26 or something like that, so anyway time travel confirmed I'm sure I'm sure you guys you guys can manage to do it, thanks for the info snoot I'm glad I'm glad I could I could be there for you all before it's too late and I know you're gonna brush it off and be like no no no that won't or maybe you'll be like I know it's an issue but I don't want to do it or won't do it or whatever I because I'm the same way or I was the same way go on go on 10-minute walks every day 10 minutes it's really not that much effort just move a little bit just stretch not much is required pause the check yo guys