November 30th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: This is one of the most stable releases we've ever had

November 30th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: This is one of the most stable releases we've ever had

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and I think, I don't think there's anything else exciting to talk about when it comes to state of dev we're still fixing issues we're still looking into stuff, I think yeah there's a patch coming today to address some things too, fixing the fixmas issue for instance and, yeah still working on dedicated servers I guess maybe we should do an echo of that as well like so update five came out last week and we are kind of wrapping up update five we're kind of like fixing issues and you know all the major issues that people are running into those are the things we're focusing on one thing that was really surprising to us when you know we learned that we broke our ccu this weekend was that we actually got less like crash reports and major like, reports on the keyway site this weekend than we've gotten like you know any other weekend when we've had a release on ea which is surprising it's weird because like as like a community manager in a way like it almost felt like we just released something and it was it was kind of underwhelming it was I was like we're not getting that many like messages and stuff does no one care no one's playing the game but, actually more people have been playing the game than ever so, you know yeah that's something that's you know pat the team on the back you know yeah so so that is super insane insanely cool to see that like actually this is one of the most stable releases we've ever had I know that like some people may feel that but there are issues like I'm running into issues and there are issues like there are, bugs here and there with the game and we're probably gonna go around to that some some bugs if they're not like major will probably like might not come around to them until later and and if you are experiencing like issues that are like stopping you from playing the game we are looking into that too as much as we can, the biggest the bigger issues are really since we changed the default render some people that don't have support for directx 12 it will still kind of like flip the game to directx 12 so if you're crashing the game try and change it back to directx 11. you can do this either in the main menu if you can get into the main menu and still boot the game you can change it in the in the settings there and there's also a way to change it in the config file if you can put into the the game more con more conveniently you can use the launch options they're they're they're easier than going into the config files right right, I don't we don't really have like a super handy resource for this stuff- I direct people to a specific video that I made a few weeks ago generally, yeah and the commands for each graphics api directx 1112 or vulkan is in the description which is you know not not the greatest, resource for this but I'm gonna put this here, with it's a timestamp link where I'm talking about this exact thing changing your default rendering thing, and how to do that with launch options so, definitely do that if you're having issues with, yeah getting, directx crashes or something yeah so try and flip it around try directx 11 maybe even try vulcan see if that is better or not for you, some people has been better for some people has been worse like yeah just fiddle around and also make sure your graphics drivers are up to date as well that's something that fixes it for a lot of people so if you run into errors that have like direct 3d or something in the crash logs there, yeah these are just a few things you could try update your drivers try the different renderers, yeah yeah and also, make sure to verify your game files if you're into any issues and this goes someone is saying here that there's like a flickering issue we find that issue happens sometimes with unverified files right yeah yeah exactly fixes that so yeah twisted steel try verify your files yeah there is a rare flickering issue with, like bigger shadows depending on where you are in the world sometimes, that we still haven't sorted out but yeah for the most part like any like oddities with the game like strange glitches or getting crashes where like it says like you're missing like a material or something like that that is usually resolved by just verifying your game files to make sure that the patching system like probably did something wrong and the game thinks like I'm good to go and then some file is missing here or there like how the steam and epic patching system works is a bit of a mystery to me because it's doing some kind of like magic in the back end to like not download the whole game but for some people it does so like I don't know how that works yeah I don't I don't understand how this breaks but it it does and verifying the files fixes it for a lot of people so yeah definitely you know it's easy to do yeah so it's always worth a try it's either do and do that the first thing before you do anything else really because yeah the majority of people have their issues resolved by just verifying the game false, yep