May 9th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Are there plans to add Blueprints to Steam Cloud?

May 9th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Are there plans to add Blueprints to Steam Cloud?

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02:55 Q&A: Why not have the Blueprints in a shared folder with all the Saves?
03:34 Q&A: Perhaps an option to Cloud Sync Blueprints at our own risk?
05:42 Back up your damn save files
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This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: February 13th, 2024 Livestream Q&A: Will Blueprints be cloudsynced in 1.0?

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are there plans to add here's a question about the game actually are there plans to add blueprints to steam Cloud I frequently switch between my main desktop and playing handheld steam deck and it's really annoying not having blueprints on one so we did a follow-up on that we talked to, the folks working on the system like one of the main reasons why blueprints weren't part of like the same save directory as the save files and so they could be Cloud synced Etc was like out of, like scared that because people were moving blueprints a lot more than they're moving save files the risk of accidentally like messing up your save directory or like you're moving save files and stuff like that and like Cloud save kicking in and like readjusting and like all the like potential for human error made it so scary that we were like let's not let's not do it, for now, the big trade-off though being that you can't Cloud sync your Blueprints and that kind of sucks, I wonder if we can sort of revisit that conversation, and see if there's anything we can do because it would be really nice to have Cloud blueprints being able to be Cloud synced not only for the sake of being closing but also if you're using GeForce now you would actually be able to like get access to your blueprints, so so that's sort of the state of that why that is, at the moment, it's because we're scared we're cowards, but it's like it would save data it's so scary you don't want to mess with things yeah it's so scary especially like there's nothing more frustrating than like spending you know hundreds of hours on a safe fall and then it gets corrupted for whatever the reason even if it's like human error if you're messing up or if like it's something we did or or Cloud sync or Steven epic like whatever you get a hard drive that's faulty like whatever the reason is it sucks and like if we can mitigate that in any possible way we'll do it yeah and that's sort of one mitigation strategy we have there with deciding to not put the blueprints in the same full address to save save directory, because it really is a thing where like if you change any files in your saved directory outside of the game and then when you go to steam or epic and Boot It Up they'll be like oh there's something changed here and then that you get that scary pop I were like do you want to use the the local ones or the public ones it's it's I mess it up so many times too like where I'm like is it wait which one is the one I want to click here because I want to get the latest one right but then what if, and then yeah it's so scary yeah so I was I was I was saved my saved calls before I pressed that button just in case I back it up yeah whenever that pops up I always make a copy immediately yeah but yeah it's so why not have the blueprints in a shared folder for all the saves it we can do that it's not it's not that we can't put them into this, put them into a a cloud safe structure that that is doable but the the issue is like the consequence of that that's what we're sort of scared of yeah is when you put it in the same directory and what you said what I just said would like if you're changing it outside of the game you know steam will look at the whole directory and see like oh this changes here and they will change everything so like if yeah it's it's Omega scary to risky I go play something else yeah perhaps a dual safe or Blueprinting save and local save option flag so that you could have an option to eat to do either I mean that could be an option, well- I mean in theory I actually don't know no not right like because no everything in the directory is affected so like you can you can be in a situation where you change the file and then on Epic or steam it notices like oh the whole like the the structure or like whatever the files don't match anymore and I should pull the entire directory, so I think what they what they were saying is you could have this option so that you could add them to the, at your own risk at your own risk so you can enable that if you wish I think that's probably doable but like I don't know it's who knows it's something that needs to be considered like very carefully by the team but like, let the team know that you would want it just let them know I think that they're aware of that and maybe one day they'll, you know if maybe it's something that we can sit and try and Tackle yeah, yeah yeah we've had like some of the some of the worst emails to get are like people who contact us about Cloud save issues and they were like hey am I like 400 hours are gone can you please get it back and I'm like like they're on Steam I know that there's like the remote storage thing that you can go to and sometimes that has like cloud data in there yeah yeah I don't think epic has something like that please correctly if I'm wrong, but we don't have access to those saves they're not served they're not saved on our servers or something that's handled by the platform and even with just regular normal usage, sometimes weird things can go wrong, and it's it's scary and heartbreaking but yep


it's also harsh when like they've also like contacted us and clearly specified that like I pressed this button and then all my save files were removed it's like yeah I don't want to be the person to tell you like yeah but yeah yeah there's nothing we can do I'm sorry back up your save files that's the that's the best thing to do I mean I don't know what to tell you especially for this update just don't just saying delete your save files ahead of time the cloudcon do it it'll do it you delete it ahead of time and you open the game and it re-downloads your save files oh boy that's cool yeah hey always back up your saves I've always got like, fresh saves through it somewhere especially when I'm thinking about like I'm switching between Steam and epic home PC work PC different branches on steam or or epic or whatever, for like development branches always back in my saves an interesting question what about blueprints that are shared between saves even if they aren't in the cloud- I don't I mean that's how that they're always, shared right like they're safe they're safe separately to save files, and they're not in the cloud that's how it functions, so in this case yeah that that's the problem and changing that and putting them in the cloud creates these other issues that we're concerned about