June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace & Torsten Talk: Concept Art - Drones

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace & Torsten Talk: Concept Art - Drones


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cool speaking of the miner speaking of personality I think the drones have like yeah I think drones have a lot yeah yeah personal miner looks like it's taking a [ __ ]


well I mean art of the personality that's that's part of the lore baby yes blood twist the the ore comes from the personal miners they poop it out yeah exactly what's more human than that right sorry yeah and the drones the drones were essentially made the same way, in the bottom right you see this horrible block out, it's amazing yeah, and we use that to just figure out how big is it and one of the guides for figuring out the size of the drones was actually how much does the cargo how many inventory slots does it have so it has to be something in between a personal storage, chest and, an industrial storage container so it has to be something in between so we need to we tweaked a lot of that also,


figuring out like at what altitude does it still need to be visible and recognizable so based on that we did yeah a lot of exploration, for the eve for the visuals of that thing and one of the basis basic things was we want something like the like the portable miner because it's just so much fun and it's cute, and it goes yeah it goes with the with the logic that it has some obviously it does have some artificial intelligence, in it so after the first initial sketches that were discarded for various different reasons partly technical partly aesthetical we settled for this one and it is essentially a mixture of the stuff below it's the mixture of, like the jet engines of an f-14 a bumblebee, or generally like a b because they're nice they're they're they're, yeah they're workers and, of course the portable miner and some weirdly new future tech drone, like a vtol vertical takeoff and landing aircraft so that is where we essentially went with that we wanted to add some personality and we wanted to have it fly vertically but also straight because we wanted it to be fast and when you think for example my over about a helicopter it's probably not that fast so we added this, the way of giving it like rotor blades for vertical takeoff and landing but also giving it like, like giving it wings and jet engines so that it can go from a to b rather quickly and they are pretty fast anybody who tried to stand on top of it, they know that yeah I've never done that really I haven't either no but I've seen people do it it's illegal as far as I can tell it's one of the first things I tried


like proof of concept I mean everyone's everyone stood on the, like the drop ship as well right you know everyone everyone ever you're going to jail the the the top right one kind of looks like a container that sprouted legs and now I kind of wanna walk around portable container yeah when's it coming portable cupcake on a little leash you can take with maybe but maybe not that's all right one dollar dlc right there all right community managers have confirmed it it's happening you can confirm it's maybe coming but maybe it's not yeah so do a qa post please yeah yeah yeah yeah brace yourselves for not bracing yourself but it's right one thing that I think is cute the antenna part of like the it's like a little b oh yeah yeah that's yes yeah we wanted we wanted to have I mean how how can we show personality on a machine like that and it's obviously gotta be something small because we can't have it running around jumping around or anything so, yeah and then we just wanted to have these little, beetle or bug these feelers or antennae, which also helped eventually with the with a charging animation so like it's like it drops the little feelers when it gets tired and then it just raises it again and adorable