February 16th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Reminder regarding Content Freeze

February 16th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Reminder regarding Content Freeze




game we are uh well i mean first up we've got state of dev but as we said last week uh the game has gone into uh like feature freeze so we're not uh you know we're getting close enough to update for release that uh it's best that we uh yeah content freeze exactly that we don't add anything into the game we're just polishing and fixing bugs now so there isn't really much to say and there's not really any updates we're just going to continue doing that until yeah we're going to put the game out and put the update out and it's pretty much going to be the same instead of dev until the update is out because we're currently the way the process works currently is that we're in content freeze like jay said what we're doing is we're play testing locally at the studio and then we squash bugs as we run into them essentially and prioritize like what issues are need to be fixed before we release it if there are any things that like needs to be fixed in order for the game to like be able to be released ask update for um if there's something missing or if like that ties into like if it needs a delay um and yeah this is this is like the crucial moment before the release where we figure out like whether or not you know we need to delay or if we feel like it's pretty stable but so far everything's looking good uh there are a few there are a few unknowns still um but but we're we're fairly confident know yeah it's uh yeah we're pretty confident there is something that like is kind of on the fence with whether or not it's gonna make it into the update but hopefully it does and if it doesn't it would come later but uh yeah