September 30th, 2022 Video Use the QA Site

September 30th, 2022 Video

Use the QA Site

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have cost a crash for any other issues or feedback you might have about the game then the best place is to go to our QA side and check if somebody has already made a ticket for whatever feedback you might have and upvote that or if not then create your own post you know there are a lot of people posting on the QA side and while we're not able to respond to everyone we do read everything if you're reporting an issue please provide as detailed information as possible so we can reproduce the issue that you're having and if you believe an issue is specific to your save file then it would really help us out if you could upload it to a hosting site like like Google drive or something like that and Link it in the ticket so we have an easier time reproducing the issue and if you are running into a crash and the crash report it doesn't pop up well the game just freezes or you know goes straight to desktop then please report that in a QA site and include your log file in the session if you don't know where your log files or your save files are stored in your computer I will include the directories in the description and yeah this is really important because if you just go to the QI side and say you know like oh my game Crash then you know we don't really have anything to go on and we can't really do anything about it for some crashes there are workarounds that are known within the community as well so yeah please try to be specific so while we're on the topic of bugs by the