September 30th, 2022 Video Mod Crashes

September 30th, 2022 Video

Mod Crashes

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we're still here right but the vast majority of crashes that we've noticed are due to mods so if you have mods installed and you're running into a crash please try to either update the mods you're using or uninstall mods via the community provided mod manager and see if that resolves your issue when it comes to any issues with the game and mods there really isn't anything we can do as mods aren't officially supported by the game it's also important to note that just deleting files for mods doesn't necessarily result in a proper uninstall and you know if mods are still injected if you see this little line in the crash reporter this indicates that mods are still being injected it's likely that they're the culprit I'm not saying that you know we screw don't screw up I mean we screw up all the time so even if you have mods installed you can still you know get a crash for some reason but it's important to rule out whether a crash is caused by a mod or not so that's kind of the point of that I just want to say also real quick, that there's like no shade intended to the modding Community they're doing awesome stuff and we're so thrilled to see what they're making for the game, so much love for that but typically after an update release mods tend to break which leads to crashes so just be aware of that okay if you are running into a crash all you really need to do is hit hit the send report button along with maybe writing like a little description of what you were doing in the crash occurred this really helps us out when we're looking at the call stack and you know can't make out what might have cost a crash for any other issues