February 1st, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Coffee Stainer nicknames

February 1st, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Coffee Stainer nicknames


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is this that's that so that's fuel generator stuff going on here whoops took a photo good good to have this looks a lot neater though yeah did somebody like break out of the group and be like yeah yeah I guess that's that's the vibe that I go yeah like I'm gonna go he's like screw you guys I'm gonna go in I'm gonna generate some electricity because y'all are you're all the clowns yeah look look I think I think this is g2's factory here right that makes sense yeah he started like his own little splinter cell it's a little splinter cell, we gotta check out the element before we call it here I'm I'm so curious what's up with all the other minutes yeah I'll make my own fuel generators with black exactly that's a senior dev that is true so fun fact there's a guy we call him g2 and I think and then we've got k2 you saw the sign by k2 earlier and we have a thing at coffee stain where if someone has the same name as someone else we just call them the second like g2 or k2 so g2 was the second gustav and, k2 was the second christopher so just a little little, custom we have at coffee stain now are there still two gustavs and two christopher's I think no but that doesn't matter yeah the name has the name has been established they've been branded yeah I'm so I'm okay I'm legit k2's other k2's other nicknames amazing by the way, which is the mountain oh yeah because isn't k2 a mountain yeah it is yeah right so- I like that that's pretty funny where the hell was the hypertube entrance thingy to the, it was look for the storage containers the big waterfall or over there over there oh yeah I'm on the other side I thought it was above them god this factor is confusing oh hey frameworks only once only once no yeah there is j and j j2 there's future jason president future jayce but he got him