April 20th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Try verifying files if you're experiencing graphical glitches

April 20th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Try verifying files if you're experiencing graphical glitches




this but another thing that i forgot to mention during the state of dev is there's a issue with the steam patching system or something where when you download patches to satisfactory on steam mostly on steam it can happen on epic too but it's been mostly it's been happening very occurringly on steam where you'll get graphical glitches like this very odd and


if you run into these kind of issues make sure to verify your game files you might even need to re-install the game but yeah kids remember to verify your game files and and if you see people having glitches like this that you haven't experienced yourself please help share the knowledge share share the knowledge that that verifying game files will solve this issue in like nine out of ten times um because it's very common in our community right now that people are getting these glitches today i i think i even saw like uh where some of the materials which is black same thing there like you need to run a verify uh looks like the gpu is saying bye bye kinda i mean it could also be the gpu is singing against last uh verse um man i had so much more i thought that we were done but there's more viggo von vigo von holmberg humbug i don't know this this is clean i like it very very calm very very it makes me calm and it makes me remember that we're all human and we're trying our best here it's a really nice picture of the the moon one of the moons uh what is the verifying do low key so the verify like go through every single file in the install directory and matches it to the like the directory on steam and checks like if this file correct it does like a checksum if you guys know what that is it essentially runs a checksum on every single file and if it notices like the the files locally on your machine doesn't match the thing that you're supposed to have then it will redownload the file for you um and so essentially like when you're downloading the patch it only download like a part of it and then it like tries to install it on the rest but sometimes what's going wrong is like it's it's not getting the full patch or something like that for everyone um so that's that's why running a verify can solve that because then it actually checks every single file and be like this file is incorrect it should be this thing and that solves a lot of the issues that we're having