World Changes with Hannah

World Changes with Hannah

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00:00 Intro
02:40 World Perimeter Vistas
05:12 In-Editor Biome Tour
05:30 Q&A: What Biome have each of you spent the most time in during development?
07:12 Prototype and Alpha versions of Northern Forest
09:01 Editor Performance vs. In-game Performance
10:35 Desert Canyons
10:52 Cliff Changes
12:07 Transition Foliage
14:26 Q&A: Is this running in Unreal Engine 5?
14:30 Q&A: Will we see changes to the road/path network?
16:27 Planned Map Changes
17:34 Nanite on Dune Desert cliffs
20:32 Q&A: Are you going to use Nanite for foliage?
21:12 Q&A: Big trees are Nanite, too?
21:41 Q&A: Can you walk around the branches of the new Titan Forest trees?
22:59 World Partitioning System
24:38 Q&A: Has Hannah personally noticed any benefits when hopping into the game?
25:03 Rocky Desert changes
26:44 Terrain transitions
28:24 Roads & paths
29:02 Reminiscing about the Train Signals announcement
29:16 Cacti & other new foliage
31:07 Colour balancing
31:17 Coastline
33:05 Rocky Desert vista
33:30 Community FYI: Lots of content to update for site now
33:49 Deprecated Rocky Desert assets
35:00 Rocky Desert coal field
36:48 Cave Spelunking
36:48 Q&A: Have you played around with any bioluminescent plants?
41:18 Reminiscing about Cave changes
42:43 Q&A: Can we build in this Cave now?
42:55 Q&A: If the Editor is struggling, does that mean the game will struggle too?
44:09 Titan Forest & Titan Forest Transition Area
44:18 Finding the area from the Update 8 Titan Forest Teaser
46:05 Random things popping up in the Editor
46:50 Q&A: Are giant Chainsaws back?
47:00 Change blindness
48:12 Northern Forest / Lake Forest / Dune Desert
48:12 Ben's Water changes
48:56 Q&A: Are you using procedural foliage or are you placing shrubbery by hand?
58:07 Q&A: Indestructible trees, why?
01:05:03 Red Jungle / Red Bamboo Fields
01:05:12 Q&A: Terraforming?
01:06:42 Red Jungle
01:06:53 Design History
01:10:07 Q&A: Is there much happening to base terrain?
01:10:31 Snutt dropped a Bean
01:14:07 Red Bamboo Fields
01:14:17 Mixed versions
01:19:53 Q&A: Does it hurt Hannah when players destroy the World?
01:24:43 Abyss Cliffs / Eastern Dune Forest
01:25:15 Eastern Dune Forest
01:26:22 Foliage Polish / Roads / Resource Well
01:28:03 Coin Tree Forest
01:28:17 "It's a small Update"
01:30:08 Q&A: Where is the video for this past Friday?
01:33:08 Q&A: Depth of field stuff?
01:34:48 Lumen
01:35:34 Lumen off vs. Lumen on
01:35:58 Q&A: Showcase with Lumen?
01:36:07 Daytime vs. Nighttime
01:37:17 Here's one they made earlier
01:44:46 Hardware Requirements via @SatisfactoryNews
01:48:39 Final doesn't mean done
01:49:30 Non-uniform scaling
01:55:05 Paradise Island
01:55:05 Q&A: Has Hannah found a place for the Willows?
01:57:00 Q&A: Any news on the World Perimeter at Paradise Island?
01:57:40 Q&A: Do you have any information about the Beacon Recipe?
01:58:43 Q&A: Is it Paradies or Paradise?
01:59:50 Q&A: When is Story?
02:00:14 Q&A: What do you use if you don't use Git?
02:00:31 Q&A: When 1.0?
02:00:37 Q&A: Will progress carry over to 1.0?
02:00:47 Q&A: What about the pillar island to the south of Grassy Fields?
02:02:09 Q&A: Update 8 Experimental release date?
02:05:25 Q&A: Will the Swamp nuclear cave change in Update 8?
02:06:35 Q&A: After having the Map sufficiently finished, would another Map be possible?
02:07:53 Random Deposits
02:10:29 Map terrain, World Partitioning System, and draw distance
02:14:22 Q&A: Motorcycles?
02:16:02 Leaked?
02:16:33 Outro
  1. World Changes with Hannah

  2. In-Editor Biome Tour

    1. Desert Canyons

    2. Titan Forest

    3. World Partitioning System

      1. Rocky Desert

        1. Rocky Desert changes

      2. Titan Forest & Titan Forest Transition Area

      3. Northern Forest / Lake Forest / Dune Desert

      4. Red Jungle / Red Bamboo Fields

        1. Red Jungle

        2. Red Bamboo Fields

      5. Abyss Cliffs / Eastern Dune Forest

        1. Eastern Dune Forest

    4. Lumen

    5. Paradise Island