April 18th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Does it hurt Hannah when players destroy the World?

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Does it hurt Hannah when players destroy the World?


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Vincent here Vincent just asked a question that literally also just came to my mind it's so weird because I it came to my head and I looked at chat and it was there and I had a weird am I chatting is anything real is this like the the move the not tenant the, Inception thing or like they went into your dreams yeah something it was very strange, but, yeah so it's a the point of the game is to destroy the world and, like, industrialize it and and remove the beauty of it but that doesn't hurt you when you when you put so much time into this no and the point of things to remove it all weirdly it doesn't you'd expect so but for some reason no I, I part of it is, like part of it I joke about this but I'm also a little bit serious about it like something that- I think that's not to do today again yeah that's not supposed to be there God damn it I like to make as guilty as possible for destroying the environment and that's partially true, mostly I think that like on a conscious and subconscious level the environments have a lot more impact on people than maybe they are aware of because like the most important part is really like first impressions are always like the the most important with these kind of things because that you're going to carry that with you and they're gonna be like the lenses that you're gonna wear for the rest of the game, so I think it is very important to make a good first impression with with any biome but also I don't really mind that the point of the game is destroying area because also it's not entirely it's the point in the beginning because you kind of have to but after that you can work with the environment and I've seen some great builds, that use the environment like really well and like you know like super cool water fall factories or people that have like little shrines with parts with trees and Forest Parts which is crazy yeah this is one of the shots that I was working on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's cool, so yeah I don't really mind at all because like a lot of the map also usually is left untouched and people still go out exploring and there's like there's some players that really focus more on exploring and some players are focus more on building and then I do it for the people that explore you know it's it's really not but it really does- I think I think like putting so much effort to the world just has so much value because either people will keep some of it there and then they get to just continue to enjoy it or, or or they'll, they'll work with it if they want that's another play style then they can enjoy it in that capacity but then like yeah removing it like it being so beautiful and then removing it like creates a Starker like difference right like from, and tells a bit more of a story I think than than if it was just like a sparse area that you know we just quickly threw together because you would destroy it anyway so yeah I think there's more impact in every case I think it makes a lot of sense yeah and like everyone will still experience the area before they destroy it like they're still gonna see everything, I like try to avoid destroying as much as I can it's like an added challenge they're like can I how do I build without removing the trees I often don't remove stuff either I usually find clearings myself I think I think I think partly it's because I lack the vision to be like if I remove the trees here this will be a big you know I don't know like if I was a more experienced Builder maybe I'd be able to like, see like oh if I work if I destroy some of the terrain I can work with this but usually I just like look for stuff that already makes sense to me in my brain and then and then go with it so I end up not cutting a lot of things down yeah no part I'm going to get this oh but that looks good in like oh no I built that I don't want to touch it it's it's mainly from what I play and other people play I'm like it's just great it's just people having options on how they want to play I'm all for it sometimes they destroy the entire environment and as stretch 70s nine says in that case we want to build upwards as in the sky and some people do that you can do that too if you like and you don't have to destroy anything if you don't want to you can also kill the animals just go on a killing spree because you can convert them to biomass I believe true yeah yeah exactly see the trees kill the animals yeah save the trees save the frames kill the animals, let's see you mentioned the abyss