April 18th, 2023 Livestream Mixed versions

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Mixed versions


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when Jace recorded this video, he had one set of information and then, ass development went on things changed so- I made like an addendum to the video even in the addendum we changed it nice yes because it's a bit of a it's a bit of a a tricky story, yes so now we're in bamboo field which is like this area is a little bit messed up or do you want to you can see right here I think with the the small paths is kind of they're there so basically what happened here is that the landscape and the foliage are different versions of this area so what happened is that we were working on this area and it went in a direction that we weren't really happy with so we wanted to revert it but the problem was this happened after our transition to Unreal Engine 5. so reverting it would mean going to the Unreal Engine 4 version of this area which was impossible to do so we kind of for a while we, have the the problem that okay we can't revert this what do we do, so but then Ben because he's a wizard figured out a way to revert the area partially but only the foliage so basically what happened is that we got most of the foliage back from the old area the old version of this area but all the landscape was still from the new version that we weren't too happy with so those two are now completely disconnected so now we there's also there's a lot of floating stuff here there's, the landscape in the foliage basically don't really work together anymore because they're from different versions of the area, so yeah Unreal Engine five good [ __ ] blessing in disguise very very well disguised, yeah the transition just works right yeah it just works but which means that like we we're gonna try to fix the worst of the bugs here before the update so there's not too much like in the way for people, but this area is definitely still gonna change because of course we have like the new Landscaping the old foliage and neither is exactly as we wanted so we'll be revisiting this area and giving it a pass now what exactly that entails we don't know yet we never really know until I go into an area and I develop the vision for it so I do a bunch of tests and I try to find you know new new combinations what is wrong with it what do we need to fix you know just finding a vision kind of like we we do with all the other biomes as well but I think this area is going to change the most from all the areas that are still left but I think that's kind of interesting how like at the moment we don't really know exactly what like we don't have a vision for how bamboo bam Bambi this is where the shooting happens spoilers I mean I'm definitely we definitely want to make the palette more interesting because it's kind of very one note now, and there's there's a bunch of rough Landscaping here that we want to fix and also this is one of those areas where we want to improve the the pathing add better roads do that kind of stuff, so that that's stuff that we're hoping to get in for sure but yeah it's impossible to to tell you the details because we don't even know that ourselves yet we're we're doing one thing at a time okay yeah yeah exactly right now I'm very busy wrapping up Rocky desert entire Forest very cool thanks Hannah helps a lot yeah appreciate your work I want to see if the area that I loaded in is is there there's one place where there were so many one version of this was just covered in these like bamboo sticks, oh yeah it's on the it's on on the right like right end of the Oh you mean at least on the right edge of the biome northwest's like very Northwest the Northwest upper corner flying as fast as I can there it is oh did I miss it oh here it is yeah yeah yeah yes it's like this for example is like it's a cool idea yeah but it's kind of terrible to play so it's it's something that we wanna we want to fix as well also, on that note the bamboo is completely new as well like the that asset's been overmauled entirely I thought it looked different yeah I didn't know if it was because- I'm rarely here or if it was because there was a change but like we did that when we worked on red jungle Bambi looks great yeah baby first I mean yeah for for for Avid chainsaw users this is a great area yeah if yeah if you're ever frustrated with the game just come here exactly yeah bring a bunch of cluster and Nobles and just [ __ ] go ham, I might even thank you no no that's actually how we we, work on it in in order to just bring it together Vincent here Vincent just asked a