April 18th, 2023 Livestream Snutt dropped a Bean

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Snutt dropped a Bean


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you can hear the correctly and there was a ridge somewhere around here I don't remember if we used this footage in the world video but there was there was actually a shot that I made where there was like a tick walking on like a path it was like shot downward I had to remove like a whole [ __ ] rock to get that shot, and we didn't use that shot I think I put so much effort into that one oh well still hurting yeah or at least the J the snow cut yeah yeah at least this new cut for sure yeah yeah this this air is dope I love, red jungle was one of my favorite areas to run around and when I started playing the game for the first time what was wrong with you but that was terrifying oh yeah now we're going into bamboo Fields it's such a dude I'm constantly on the corner here like yeah yeah maybe you can go to the yeah with the the overhanging clips and stuff oh yeah we can do that let's go Gamers oh this is that actually be a pretty cool like drone you know PVP drone or it's called PVR PR drone hey edit it in progress area this is ignore that it's just that go fast I gotta go fast


I'm about to throw up we're gonna we're gonna have like 1600 people about to throw 700 people oh here it is oh no oh wait it's there that was not supposed to be there oh static mesh commit commit it no this is already committed yes oh wait wait I wonder if it's actually committed though because it might be I'm still on my branch but this is the shot I was working on, I had to remove like this whole thing you I don't think I mean unless you update it very recently and you got my my rocket desert changes this is yeah here it is a little guy I'm just a little Beanie I'm just hearing walking nobody don't worry about me I wonder if the, voice acting career oh yeah for sure hire me yeah all right I will hey everybody if you want to have understood as the first acting your game just give me a call okay bye oh [ __ ] fell through the world see the outline don't worry about it, we're talking about the, the cliffs part oh yeah you're here you're already there okay that was that was the area this here like a lot of the overhanging stuff oh yeah yeah hanging rocks up there behind you above yeah yeah the that like tights yes because they hang on tight right I was just guessing sure that's how you remember it's a 50 50. safer work, yeah you you might step on them okay all right let's check out this area over here, cool flowers huh wow look at that yeah and as soon and hands you can see a little bumblebee here or something like that, cool okay anyways moving on is this new water no it's not no it just looked like it was Rippling and [ __ ] we push up with the limo at true cool, do we is this now when we talk