April 18th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Terraforming?

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Terraforming?


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show off more I mean I also I also want to address like there's there's always some questions about terraforming and it's kind of the same situation like it seems logical from a real perspective that it can just modify the terrain but in order to support that in a game you need to make an insane kind of system for it and the way the landscape is generated doesn't support that at all and we would have to make a whole different system for that and like seeing it like be, being done in the engine you have an entire engine that facilitates that kind of stuff our game does not have that it would require us to like create a whole bunch of different features to do that and we don't really see the benefit, for this game of doing that either of like how much terraforming would add versus how much work it would be to add that, if a game is designed from the ground up with that in mind of course yes it's a part of that game it's part of that vision and everything ties into that for us it would be kind of a gimmick and most unless we address all the design issues that come with it but that's that's a whole can of work that would add years to our development yeah literally and and then at that point and then even if we did it at the end we'd like is how much better is the game maybe like two percent better yeah I don't know the cost benefit like way it's just way way heavier on the cost side so it's not worth it for us to do these kind of things yep yep dope so let's let's move over to