April 18th, 2023 Livestream Titan Forest & Titan Forest Transition Area

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Titan Forest & Titan Forest Transition Area


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but yeah it's fully different too because it's part of, Titan forest's transition area and I think it was pretty much empty before we hadn't shown off too much of the Titan foreign let me see if I can find the spot in the teaser, it's like over here I think it's really tricky because I get lost here a lot, yes okay yeah you gotta go further to the right because that's approaching the area that's still in progress there's like a lake somewhere small like it's not this one oh yeah it's further, yeah that way but on top of rocks so right right right right right up left right there you go there we go yeah yeah this is the area where the shot the teaser there is no deposit on that node by the way I just added it because it looked better it's a teaser I know some people commented on that, yeah actually no deposit there actually, so yeah this area has been essentially received a full overhaul I am like all the big time trees have been replaced and all of all of the foliage has been replaced and I've also redone pretty much all of the landscape painting the sculpting and changing of cliffs not so much, we try to keep it mostly the same if we could, but yeah the and the centuries are all in the same spots as was mentioned in the video hello so they shouldn't affect your factory but yeah full this will pop back up so that's, because the trees are the hip box of the trees are a bit smaller than probably yeah oh that also reminds me there might be some stuff popping up like, like random Vehicles might pop up here while flying around ignore that that's not supposed to be random vehicle, I don't know why, but sometimes there's been like stuff that it's like a little bit of confusion sometimes because sometimes when I've been working on these trailer related things, some we need to sometimes when we're working the same scene we need to commit the changes we're doing, sometimes I've committed stuff that's not supposed to be on the map accidentally


so, just be aware of that sin okay okay yeah here's another our giant chainsaw is back yeah this area has a full Ness yeah I think it's when you're just browsing through this area now unless you're like a reasonably play through this area I don't think many people might think that like to notice that there is a lot of changes here but if you do a side-by-side comparison like this area looks very new yes I mean you could go to the the corner hasn't been converted yet to set and you could you could show off how the old stuff which corner is that is the, it's close to Bamboo Fields it's like that that wall of cliffs before that wall of cliffs okay so like it's kind of like between yeah normally down here yeah I mean yeah that's that's old Titan first


yeah so you can see on on this side here's the new kind of stuff, that I've been building and on on the on the other side of the river you get more of the old stuff you got like nice purple highlights here yeah and this is like our transitions into Northern Forest more colors yeah, can also mention I think we mentioned