April 18th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Have you played around with any bioluminescent plants?

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Have you played around with any bioluminescent plants?


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a question from, bits Hannah have you played around with any bioluminescence for plants just for visuals, bioluminescent plants in general in the game or yeah yeah we love that stuff we have some in caves right we have some in caves, we have some in Titan Forest and I mean we have also of course the North Forest of the acorns and these trees are bioluminescent I don't know if it shows how does it show an editor no it doesn't show up with this lighting system you need a different one, to change the time of day for the yeah the assets to update with the buyers I think this one only updates the, yeah it doesn't update the material it only changes the directional lights in the scene yeah exactly so, I don't I'm not sure if we can show that off here sadly no but yeah technically we could but then we need to load it to the game we love bioluminescence it's great it's it's dope we always think it looks great so we tend to add it to areas if we can, is there is there a cave here that's new in this area there there's case we can show off just, wondering which one we should pick I think okay so it's not the one with the because you sent not the one with the thing if that makes sense okay yeah okay Hannah knows what I'm talking about yeah I think I do yeah, because I think that's actually in this area maybe you sent me two you sent me two when we talked about this you sent me two links and one of them has okay with that thing in it yeah, now


, kind of the the Rocks between swamp and desert Canyons that that have a little bit of time force on top of them because there's a cave below there that has been worked on, let's see here all right yeah okay turn the 180 . is it not the waterfalls right not the waterfalls caves no there's there's one like oh waterfalls cave confirmed, I didn't say that you're no this is not what are they visible if I do this by the way this is an old one this is because I'm not sure because it used to be so the way it used to work we had like a separate loading system for the caves specifically they were part of like a sub style almost three separate levels but now it's all together oh nice, so they should pop like if I just go through the world they I should be able to spot them maybe right okay just so okay if you start yes 180 180. this Direction that's more than 180 but sure go left further left for the left further left oh it's like on the other side of this one and go if you go higher I can give you better directions this is gonna be great y'all treasure hunt yeah yeah okay girl further left because basically you need to go to the rock wall not where the waterfalls are but where the the kind of the outshit of of Titan trees are gotcha yeah exactly that you're going the right way okay now go low underneath these rocks there you go yep yeah you got it here you go oh this is where I shot the [ __ ] b-roll I knew about this one one angle I was thinking of doing for the b-roll was like this shot but, so the b-roll in the video is I think is where did I take the shot I think it's from here or something I think this is the shot I used in the video like that it's got some like working progress waterfalls here, yeah the water's all work in progress and it keeps going here yeah I didn't do this cave by the way, this was my intern then we can did some great work here