April 18th, 2023 Livestream Rocky Desert coal field

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Rocky Desert coal field


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because we do oh yeah and this cool area that if you go through the rock on the right yeah yeah are you mean here yeah exactly this one also very different, this one had a lot of weird lasting and also old assets and I've fully converted it to be a transition area between Northern forests it used to be green which was kind of a hard sell, for a place that in a desert right oh I think this is really different actually because I've got stuff built here yeah I just realized is that Inlet different as well or am I imagining thing no no I haven't I've I've haven't changed the the shape of things here there used to be a slug on this oh someone's Heads Are Gonna Roll oh it's gone now no wait I might be misremembering actually because I think I think the one of the thingy spawn here one of the Hogs Hogs just born here yeah the the folks that are worried about their factories here it should be fine I've mostly done landscape painting and foliage to work here so if you have a chainsaw you're gonna be A-Okay I've done some landscape sculpting as well in kind of the higher up area mainly but it's all essentially been like lowering landscape so it should all be good I can never fully predict what's gonna happen here and I haven't done stuff up here yet but only down wait isn't there a iron thingy up here somewhere there it is oh my God this looks very different yeah I've just