April 18th, 2023 Livestream Terrain transitions

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Terrain transitions


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I think one one part of this that was interesting to me when you were showing me around Hannah and this is more of just like Minor Details was like if you can go forward a little bit to that road, snoot this is gonna be really hard to give you directions so follow this road keep following keep following keep following keep following keep going keep going and stop around here just these transitions are out with these slopes here on on the right there yeah, and also, just you know just smooth that kind of things out and then there's like some small rocks that have like sand coming down off the side of them I think there's some to the left of using it and forward, yeah if you go a little further and then to the right there on your right yep right there so like you can sort of see like these little details where it's like, yes perfect so it's just kind of like the the scent the erosion from the scent kind of like reaches up a little bit to the rock face you know I don't know just like these tiny little details which won't impact things much but I think there's like a really nice attention to detail yeah exactly there was a lot of rough Landscaping in this area too like a lot of really, like sharp ridges, and kind of weird gravel and Cliff painting that was done on a landscape here which I've mostly also made much more subtle and much more kind of the transitions are much gentler now instead of kind of like that harsh cut off lines, that we've had before and most of the landscape changes that I've done here is moving it lower and smoothing it out which means that ideally it shouldn't clip into the factory but underneath instead so you know at first you have some floating stuff I hope there might be some Corners where it's a little bit more iffy but it's really it shouldn't be too bad, so one thing we talked about before