April 18th, 2023 Livestream World Perimeter Vistas

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

World Perimeter Vistas


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so the first thing that we're going to talk about that I've sort of sort of set up here already is this is a shot that I wished we could have been through, to the video, one thing we talked about in the video and it's kind of weird I guess to start with this but the the world perimeter that I have with the game has been sort of like up until now it's been sort of like cut off so like it feels like you're on this island more so than you're on like a part of the planet right so there's been a bunch of new Vistas where World perimeters added and this is one at the edge of the swamp so we get the swamp here in the background, cornering with, I love that one over there yeah I guess this is also what waterfalls or whatever yeah, and the one I'm working as magic and then you have the one over here, from from the the thumbnail one of my favorite thumbnails we need to animate that take the song yeah yeah we could do it I could sing this yes I'm gonna get DM said, so yeah pretty cool oh this is yeah this is my favorite one this big career here this is sick one one, almost thumbnail was like doing something with the clip here, but I couldn't quite work it out so yeah is there anything I mean here it is chat I don't know if there's much to talk about well hang on here hang out here nominal this is a hell of a JPEG it's not a jpeg these are this is the other thing to talk about here so first of all not all areas, will get these Vistas for update eight only some of the areas that we did needed it most will have it but the intention is to do it with the rest of the areas and the other areas will still have like water or whatever but these areas here they they're not jpegs they're like actual like large assets that are put out there and- I believe Ben I wasn't Ben I'm not sure if it was just Ben, but we use the tool okay, we use a tool called, I think it's called Gaia or something which helps like generate these like massive massive, pieces that we could use for the Vistas in the in the background there which made the process of making these things, easy or easier


so yeah also one thing also to mention is that I'm driving today usually it's Hannah controlling the, the stuff but technical difficulties who thought made it so that it wasn't possible yeah we're having a bad run yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we're having it back is there anything new in the swamp